Hauntings, Poltergeists, and EVP

Image of hauntings poltergeists and evp cartridge 600h.

A massive sound library of special sound effects, Foley, and voice recordings that covers the needs of any horror, supernatural, and paranormal story, featuring acoustic features that will elevate your games, films, virtual reality experiences, podcast series, or any other project to the next level of sound design. This is the perfect sound library for anybody that wants to create spine-tingling experiences that captivate and terrify!

Houses and Apartments

Image of houses and apartments cartridge 600h.

A remarkable sound library of ambient loops and isolated elements meticulously captured from domestic interiors, appliances, and Foley.

Factory Plants and Industrial Machines

Image of factory plants and industrial machines cartridge 600h.

The ultimate sound library that lets you unleash the raw, untamed force of angry machines and manufacturing floors right at your fingertips. Loaded with an assortment of menacing sounds from machine rooms, furnaces, printing lines, and more, this collection will elevate your projects to a whole new level of intensity.

Engine Rooms and Machine Support Systems

Image of engine rooms and machine support systems cartridge 600h.

An extraordinary sound library that has been meticulously crafted to transport your audience to the heart of huge engine rooms, industrial settings, or sci-fi realms, taking your projects to awe-inspiring heights.

City Parks and Gardens

Image of city parks and gardens cartridge 600h.

An extraordinary sound library boasting high-quality recordings, rich with the authentic sounds of urban and suburban parks, lush gardens, and tranquil neighborhood backyards.

Avenues, Highways, Streets, and Traffic

Image of avenues highways streets and traffic cartridge 600h.

Experience the heart and soul of the city with this captivating collection of ambient sounds from urban environments and transportation. Includes stereo, surround, and ambisonic loops, plus individual elements to create custom ambiences. From bustling boulevards to echoing alleys, this library perfectly captures the rhythm of urban life.

Suburbs and Residential Areas

Image of suburbs and residential areas cartridge 600h.

A collection of ambient sounds and isolated elements from suburban environments, meticulously captured from tranquil residential locales that transport your audience to the outskirts of bustling metropolises.

Public Establishments

Image of public establishments cartridge 600h.

A sound library of spacious ambient sounds and isolated elements from urban public establishments, with recordings of captivating environments of indoor recreation, such as museums, hotels, foyers, restaurants, cafeterias, malls, and more.

Offices and Workplaces

Image of offices and workplaces cartridge 600h.

A meticulously crafted sound library that offers a plethora of workplace ambiences and sounds, transporting your audience to bustling offices, serene lobbies, humming server rooms, and much more. Immerse your audience in the essence of bustling urban workspaces.

Mechanical Workshops

Image of mechanical workshops cartridge 600h.

A cutting-edge sound library meticulously captured and curated to give you the power to deliver the true aesthetic of powerful machinery and captivate your audience through the gritty sounds of mechanical technology and tooling.

Medieval Towns and Villages

Image of medieval towns and villages cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive sound library from the enchanting world of the Middle Ages featuring meticulously recorded elements that come together harmoniously to create a realm of realism that transports your audience back in time, including isolated elements, acoustic impulse responses, noiseprints, and ambience loops.

Violent Crowds, Marches, and Riots

Image of violent crowds marches and riots cartridge 600h.

This exceptional sound library offers you the raw and authentic sounds of urban environments in a state of violent public disturbances. Rain rocks and flashbang grenades on your scenes as you immerse your audience in hair-raising atmospheres of real-life riots. From fuming roadblocks to flaming tires and legions of demonstrators, this library encapsulates the very essence of uproar, vandalism, and turmoil.

Urban Rooftops and Terraces

Image of urban rooftops and terraces cartridge 600h.

An innovative sound library boasting an exceptional assortment of immersive soundscapes and isolated sound elements from the urban symphony, taken from the unique perspective of elevated locations above key metropolitan areas, giving you the power to construct soundscapes that ebb and flow with unparalleled authenticity.

Transportation Terminals and Stations

Image of transportation terminals and stations cartridge 600h.

The ultimate urban transportation sound library, including soundscapes and isolated sound elements from bustling terminals, spacious interiors, and lively locales. This is your go-to abience kit for crafting immersive soundscapes of urban transportation hubs and locations.

Technology Labs

Image of technology labs cartridge 600h.

A collection of soundscapes and isolated sound elements from technology labs, with recordings from biotech, optics, molding, transforming, and other places of hi-tech development, perfect for industrial, sci-fi, or stealth setting, and more.

Board and Card Games

Image of board and card games cartridge 600h.

This is the most comprehensive collection of board and card game sounds in the world, covering a collection of different objects, materials, and actions that will enable you to create or recreate any virtual board game you imagine.

Bone Breaks and Flesh Tears

Image of bone breaks and flesh tears cartridge 600h.

A collection of wet organic sounds of gore, bone break, flesh tear, stabs, squishes, and more. Give your horror, hack-and-slash, or action project the juicy, impactful, and crunchy sound it needs.

Cinematic Low-Frequency Effects

Image of cinematic low frequency effects cartridge 600h.

This impactful collection includes classic and modern low-frequency effect loops for use on the LFE channel of your production or as extra layers with other sounds for that extra bottom end.

Energy and Force Fields

Image of energy and force fields cartridge 600h.

This sound effects library is full of enough energy-zapping and electricity sizzling to complement anything you make, from complete sci-fi movies to minimal techy puzzle games.

Exterior Doors

Image of exterior doors cartridge 600h.

An extensive and modular collection of sounds from various doors in exterior locations, like gardens, sheds, cottages, phone booths, garages, saloons, and many more.

Fictional Doors and Portals

Image of fictional doors and portals cartridge 600h.

A must-have for game developers, filmmakers, and media creators, this library contains the sounds of extraordinary doors found in fantasy, sci-fi, and hi-tech fiction.


Image of kitchenware cartridge 600h.

A vast collection featuring many Foley sounds from kitchenware like pans, bowls, plates, pots, forks, spoons, knives, glasses, and more.

Laboratory Equipment

Image of laboratory equipment cartridge 600h.

A collection of scientific equipment sounds handled by experienced researchers. Includes sounds of liquid nitrogen canisters, centrifuges, photometers, pipettes, timers, freezers, and more.

Machine Components

Image of machine components cartridge 600h.

This is a versatile library of machine sounds like servos, motors, hydraulics, buttons, and buzzers, perfect for creating robots, industry, sci-fi, steampunk, or cyberpunk machines.

Metal Doors

Image of metal doors cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive collection of sounds from various metallic doors from apartments, rooms, storage areas, towers, jails, elevators, and many more.

Retro Videogames Synthesized

Image of retro videogames synthesized cartridge 600h.

This is a unique sound library in the sense that we recreated the most iconic retro videogame sounds of the 70s and 80s using top-of-the-line analog modular synthesizers.

Rigid Metal Hits and Movements

Image of rigid metal hits and movements cartridge 600h.

A collection of diverse rigid metal sounds like rattles, hits, and other movements, containing everyday metal objects and more exotic ones, like spring drums, Tibetan singing bowls, and more.

Stone and Rock Friction

Image of stone and rock friction cartridge 600h.

A library of classic sounds of movement and friction between stones, gravel, dust, and debris. Perfect for any stone material Foley from simple oneshots to particle systems of destruction and rubble.

Vehicle and Transportation Doors

Image of vehicle and transportation doors cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive collection of sounds from various doors of vehicles and transportation, like cars, jeeps, trains, buses, trucks, electric trains, metro wagons, military SUVs, and many more.

Water Streams and Waves

Image of water streams and waves cartridge 600h.

A collection of lively animated water sound effects, with streams, drops, gurgles, bubbles, waves, and other sounds of flow and water action.

Wooden Doors

Image of wooden doors cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive collection of sounds from various wooden doors of any size from apartments, closets, cupboards, libraries, and many more.

Real Buttons, Knobs, and Switches

Image of real buttons knobs and switches cartridge 600h.

This is an extensive collection of sounds from the hardware interfaces of real physical devices. Buttons, knobs, and switches of bicycles, ovens, cameras, audio amplifiers, flashlights, and many more.