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Explore all our software application. We develop novel software applications for designers, producers, artists, and anyone who wishes to create and experiment with sound.


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The Revolutionary Soundscape Designer

The first and only authoring application for creators focusing in the art of creating realistic and fictional soundscape ambiences.

Echotopia is setting a new industry standard in the world of sound design for professionals and hobbyists. First and best in class for creating conceptual ambiences, acoustic environment simulations, ambient loops for games and film, soundscapes for tabletop gaming, adventure rooms, meditation studios, museums, installations, and more.

Coming as the evolution of DMDJ, our popular mobile soundscape generator which for more than 10 years empowers  storytellers of any kind to tell their stories on top of immersive soundscapes. Echotopia is a ground-breaking desktop application that will take your storytelling to the next level, at every medium you choose to tell it.

DMDJ for Mobile

The Ultimate Soundscape Generator

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The ultimate soundscape generator for storytellers. Enhance your Pen & Paper RPG sessions with this unique sophisticated environmental sound synthesizer, that generates dynamic and never-repetitive ambience with intensity, day/night, indoor/outdoor, and weather systems all working automatically in harmony.

SoundCheck for Unity

Real-Time Device Speaker Simulator

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A real-time in-editor virtual monitoring simulation. SoundCheck is the first “virtual monitoring” system for Unity. It combines accurate gaming device speaker profiles and real-time processing to greatly improve your sound implementation workflow.