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The Evolution of Soundscape Design

Echotopia is an innovative audio editor, focusing on the art and the science of soundscapes

No More Complexity

Watch how various locations of a medieval village scene, come together to create a complex soundscape that can be experienced from any point on the map.

Echotopia’s intuitive interface allows looping textures, randomized oneshots, and real-time acoustics simulation, to be easily layered and configured in – literally – seconds.

Professionals and Enthusiasts Are Welcome!

Echotopia’s innovative approach is based on the idea that any software application should be easy to be used by amateurs and powerful enough for professionals.

Like the digital camera revolution that made photography accessible to anyone and ignited the spark for a new wave of photographers, Echotopia’s mission is to democratize sound design and soundscape creation.

A new era dawns, where the old meets the new, and the stochastic meets the deterministic. From their fusion, exciting new ways to use sound in our lives emerge. Echotopia stands in the vanguard of those new acoustics landscapes that await to be discovered by you and experienced by all.

Game Masters

  • Host amazing game sessions, and transform your game room into a professional adventure room.
  • Add ambience to your campaigns easier than ever.
  • Create and sell stereo or immersive soundtracks together with your maps.
  • Guide your players freely around the world, the sound will change accordingly.
  • Playback true surround soundscapes in your game room or stream online.
  • Export any location of your scenes to use with your favorite VTT app or platform.
  • Learn soundscape design, you never know! 😉

Sound Designers

  • Create demos of your work without having to learn to script.
  • Quickly prototype and share your ideas with your clients.
  • Iterate fast through the conceptual phase of your project.
  • Create atmos variations and different angles of listening without changing anything.
  • Use the same project for many projects or many deliverables of one project (film, game, audiobook).
  • Design and sell realistic ambience loops in a fraction of the time.

Other Creative Sectors

  • Game audio
  • Film sound and post-production
  • Escape room designers
  • Radio/Audio drama production
  • Podcasts
  • Theatrical plays
  • Contemporary art
  • Museums and installations
  • Yoga, spa, wellness, and meditation
  • Houses of worship
  • Interior design
  • Work environment designers
  • Archaeoacoustics
  • Research
"To me, as a DnD DM, the coolest thing about Echotopia is that I can take the world that I've built, and instead of just describing the area to my friends I can blow them away with the blending of all the sounds and effects into an immersive and cohesive whole. Every city and tavern can have its own personality and vibe without me needing to spend 10 minutes describing every little detail."
Image of Client Avatar Justin Vaughn.
Justin V.
Dungeon Master and Critter
"Echotopia is a very innovative audio application. If people just try it they will understand the revolution that Echotopia will bring to the world of intelligent and unique sound design, suitable for many creative situations."
Image of Client Avatar Mohamed Amin Hammami.
Mohamed Amin Hammami
Lecturer and Sound Designer

What makes Echotopia stand out

Designing and producing immersive soundscapes becomes easy using Echotopia.

Echotopia’s specialized philosophy and workflows make it a breeze to brainstorm, prototype, and fabricate rich acoustic environments to perform or render to a target of standard or immersive audio formats.

Intuitive Map Editor

Echotopia uses a map to define the areas with different sound behaviors in them. This simple-yet-novel method to topographically represent your designed world creates an intuitive way to design the acoustic environment in a fast and natural way.

Areas with different sound behaviors can be defined and managed easily using sound emission zones, fade zones, and acoustics, to create believable acoustic environments.

Image of Echotopia Intuitive Map Editor Web.
Image of Echotopia Naturally Behaving Sound Instruments Web.

Naturally-Behaving Instruments

Just like in music, Echotopia uses specialized instruments to compose the sound of an area. Those instruments mimic different sound behaviors from nature.

Loopers play from simple noise textures and drones to complete recordings, and Randomizers can be added on top to scatter random oneshots around. More instruments are coming, check the roadmap.

Freely layer as many instruments as needed to one area, to achieve any level of complexity. Achieve real or sureal results without compromising the acoustic behaviors that make the environment believable. 


Echotopia is the only soundscape app that really uses acoustics simulation under the hood. Distance, temperature, humidity, reverberation, and occlusion from walls, all are taken into account and are open to configuration.

This opens up so many creative possibilities that we need a book to cover them all. Just imagine that you can have 20 different soundscapes using only one set of sounds and various areas with different acoustics.

Plus, the acoustics in Echotopia work using impulse response files, which are freely available on the internet and we also include many in the factory content. Your next dungeon ambience can have authentic acoustics.

Image of Echotopia Immersive By Design​ Web.

Immersive By Design

At the heart of Echotopia runs a full 3D audio mixing engine designed using cutting-edge technologies from the field of immersive audio production.

Any content input is automatically up-mixed or down-mixed to spread around the experience point, and the final output can be set from stereo to the latest multichannel surround formats, ensuring the maximum envelopment of the audience.

Use any channel format as input and get any channel format as output without having to mess with tedious settings, just focus on creativity and Echotopia will mix an industry-standard experience fit for any use, from hobbyists at home to professionals at a post-production facility.

"DJing is evolving from just playing music to the art of performing the perfect soundscape for any event using a variety of sound layers. Echotopia opened a new way for me to entertain my audience in new and exciting venues or even in their place of work or while they are relaxing in a spa. Echotopia automatically simulates natural acoustics so creating a realistic soundscape is easier than ever. Now I can expand my clientele from club owners to include yoga studio owners, hotel managers, and even interior designers."
Image of Client Avatar Lefteris Andreou.
Lefteris Andreou
Freelance DJ and Sound Designer

Huge Content Library

The Storyteller, Creator, and Producer editions of Echotopia come with all our royalty-free curated sound libraries.

Currently containing more than 38.000 original sounds, made with great care.

You get environmental loops, ambience atmospheres, oneshots, Foley, special effects, and impulse responses for reverb and occlusion.

You can use them with Echotopia or import them into your video editor, music sampler, or game engine, and create using great-sounding assets.

Don’t forget that Echotopia is an open audio editor, you are still free to import your own sounds for the ultimate in creative freedom!

Creative Sectors

Are you a game master getting ready to amaze your players with sound in your next campaign?

Are you a professional sound designer that wants an easy way to prototype, showcase, and produce complete soundscapes?

Or maybe you are an escape room designer and you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your latest adventure.

Echotopia is the first and only soundscape designer with features for both enthusiasts and professionals. Echotopia will revolutionize the way you create the background of your story, no matter what you do.

Audio for Media

Live Storytelling

Experiential Audio

Get Echotopia


Just the editor, for those who have sounds


Game masters and streamers


Post production, films, and games


Pro sound design and immersive audio

Free-For-Life Updates

You will never need to pay for new features, fixes, new sound libraries, everything! This is a crazy offer, and we may cancel it anytime, so take it while you can.

Professional-Grade Content

From the Storyteller edition and up you get tenths of thousands of ambiences, sound effects, and music tracks. All produced by SoundFellas with next-gen audio in mind.

Creative Support

No outsourced agents, you speak directly with the team. Get fast and reliable troubleshooting via the customer portal, our forum, and Discord.

"I use Echotopia as a key tool to aid with storytelling. Echotopia has enabled me to perform Sound Design in a new way - as a soundscape artist."
Image of Client Avatar Matt Harrold.
Matt Harrold
Co-Founder at Refract Music
"Echotopia has allowed me to significantly increase the immersion of my D&D sessions. The ease of use makes it simple to transition between soundscapes quickly, meaning I can focus more on the story and not have to worry about choosing the right soundtrack or playlist."
Image of Client Avatar Birchall.
Dungeon Master


We have a rich road of features ahead. Below you can see what we are working on right now. To get a complete picture of how Echotopia will develop in the future, check out the full roadmap.


For producers and sound designers. Export pinned map locations to audio files for use in other programs.
Coming Soon

Map Data Exporter

For game developers and tool programmers. Export map data to JSON format to facilitate interoperability with game level editors and more.

Pinned Locations

For storytellers and live performers. Create predefined lists of map positions and transition sound cues to use in live mode.

More Audio Content

For storytellers and creators of fiction. Get more sounds in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.


To test Echotopia in your system, you can get the free 30-day trial.

  • Operating System: Right now Echotopia runs on Windows, but we plan to support macOS, subscribe to get notified.
    • Minimum: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or later.
    • Recommended: Windows 10 or later.
  • Architecture:
    • Supported: 32-bit or 64-bit.
    • Recommended: 64-bit.
  •  Processor:
    • Minimum: Intel® or AMD® processor with SSE3 capability or later.
    • Recommended: Intel® or AMD® processor with SSE3 capability or later. Speed 2.4 GHz or faster.
  • RAM:
    • Minimum: 4 GB (depends on project size).
    • Recommended: 8 GB or higher (depends on project size).
  • Monitor Resolution:
    • Minimum: 1024 x 720 display at 100% UI Scaling (DPI). Echotopia offers full support for HiDPI displays.
    • Recommended: 1920 x 1080 display or greater at 100% UI Scaling (DPI). Echotopia offers full support for HiDPI displays.
  • Sound Card: Sound card with Windows-compatible drivers (MME/WDM). USB sound cards (Class Compliant) will also work just fine. Simply put, if your browser works through your sound card, then Echotopia will too. Echotopia supports all Windows system audio channel configurations from simple stereo to full 7.1 surround sound.
  • File Formats:
    • Audio files: WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC.
    • Image files: For scene maps JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP. For impulse response covers JPG, JPEG, PNG.
  • Hard Disk Space for Editor: 1 GB of available hard-disk space for basic installation. Additional space may be required for installation.
  • Hard Disk Space for Content: Libraries are available in 3 quality levels that the user has access to depending on the purchased license:
    • High-Resolution (Wav PCM 96 kHz 24-bit) needs 184 GB to install.
    • Broadcast (Wav PCM 48 kHz 24-bit) needs 92.7 GB to install.
    • Multimedia (Ogg Vorbis VBR 48 kHz 0.75q) needs 8.78 GB to install.
  • Internet: Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, and access to online services/downloads. The Echotopia Creator and Producer editions come with large-size content libraries that the user has access to download. Due to the large sizes of those content libraries, a stable modern fast internet connection is recommended (30-50 Mbps or higher).
  • Interface Language: Echotopia currently supports the English language in its user interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s easy.

First of all, you should know that all editions contain the Echotopia editor application with all features. The only difference is the content that comes together. And actually, all editions with content do include all our curated sound libraries (currently more than 38000 sounds of every type and genre), and the only difference between them is the format and resolution of the files and the channel formats available (stereo, surround, ambisonic).

As a good practice, you should download the free trial edition to test Echotopia in your setup.

Then choose an edition according to your needs:

  • Editor: The Editor edition contains the fully-featured Echotopia editor application and no content except a basic factory library so that you can try the editor. The content is the same as with the free-trial version. This is the edition you should choose if you don’t need the extra sounds, and you can find sounds elsewhere or already own sound content yourself. It’s a great deal, as you get the full Echotopia editor at a very good price.
  • Storyteller: Perfect for dungeon masters, live performance designers, and any kind of live storytelling. This is also the best choice for hobbyists and enthusiasts as it features all our curated sound libraries in traditional channel formats in a lightweight file format that will make your projects portable and easily shareable, not to mention light on your computer resources.
  • Creator: This edition is for post-production professionals, streamers, filmmakers, and game developers. You also get all our curated sound libraries in wave file format of 48 kHz/24-bit resolution, which is the industry standard for film, animation, games, VR, broadcast, and streaming. With this edition, apart from stereo, you also get a surround version of each file that contains spatial movement.
  • Producer: This is the highest edition. It’s designed for sound designers and professionals that need high-resolution content. All immersive channel formats are included, stereo, surround, and ambisonic versions of each file that contains spatial movement. The files come at 96 kHz/24-bit resolution so you can safely process them further to create new sound effects and variations in pristine quality.

Each edition also includes the sound libraries and formats of the lower editions, so you don’t have to convert anything for lower-resolution needs. We took care of this for you using our state-of-the-art mastering pipeline.

Sure you can!

We understand that creative projects cannot happen in a vacuum and creators use a variety of tools and platforms to achieve the desired outcome.

Therefore we offer the sound content that comes together with the Echotopia editor in common formats that any other application can open.

You can import them into video editors, game engines, music instruments, and any other application or platform you like.

You can use the content to create videogames, movies, VR experiences, toys, interactive experiences, installations, music productions, tutorials, streaming shows, audio/radio dramas, and more.

We only forbid the use of the content for the creation of other software, tools, music instruments, and other soundware that would be a conflict of interest between us and you the creator. You also cannot use, distribute, or broadcast our content as isolated ambience loops and soundscapes or isolated elements in the form of content libraries, music albums, or streaming content for use as standalone audio or within an audio player.

For more details, read the Audio Assets End User License Agreement.

If you need more information for your projects, contact us using our Customer Support Portal.

Yes, it’s completely true, nothing is hidden!

You get all updates for the Echotopia application and all new content we add to the already vast collection of libraries, for free, forever.

Stop paying subscriptions to get great soundscapes when you need them. Stop paying updates for features you might not need. Enjoy Echotopia and all its content forever.

Keep in mind that this is a crazy offer and we know it, the content alone is worth it. We might change our minds at any time, so you should get this offer while you still can.

As a guarantee of trust, all users who get any Echotopia edition while the Free-For-Life offer stands will have Free-For-Life updates even if we change our minds later.

Act now, get the Echotopia edition you need, and save big in future updates.

Each license of Echotopia can be activated in two machines. It is not allowed to use those two installations at the same time unless the machines are used by the same person.

For production facilities, classrooms, and academic labs, please contact us and we will create a multi-license solution for your organization.

All Echotopia editions come with a full-featured editor, even the free trial.

Echotopia features an immersive audio mixing engine at its core, ensuring you get the full experience that matches your speaker configuration.  from stereo to full-blown 7.1 surround setups, Echotopia will upmix or downmix any content you import to match the configuration at the time of use.

Do you create your soundscapes on a desktop with stereo outputs and you will play them on a laptop on a 7.1 surround setup? No problem! Echotopia will automatically handle everything so you get the full experience every time!

It all started when we decided not to make Echotopia a subscription-based product, but at the same time to offer our huge collection of royalty-free sound libraries with it.

We needed to find the best solution so that the user will not need to download hundreds of gigabytes in one go, and simultaneously use a service that doesn’t charge us per month. That way, Echotopia could remain a subscription-free product, just the way we like it.

The only way to do this was to create an online place where the user can browse all the content and choose what is needed and to put a limit on the times that each package can be downloaded.

A happy outcome of this philosophy is that this is also a green and eco-friendly way to manage downloads in general, as the user downloads only the needed assets. This minimizes the carbon footprint a lot, in contrast with other vendors that dump you a dropbox archive with unedited terabytes for you to download.

We fight against the mindless digital hoarding disorder that is menacing the internet, and we support mindful creators that care for more than themselves.

To save resources you should always back up the original downloads to a second hard drive, and never work on the original files.

Can’t find your answers here? Contact support and we’ll get right back to you!