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The Evolution of Soundscape Design

Echotopia is the next step in the evolution of soundscape design, a specialized editor that opens the world of soundscape design to everybody.

With Echotopia you can create detailed and naturally sounding worlds very fast:

  1. Set the textures of the general areas on your map.
  2. Define key elements and their behaviors in specific areas to add randomization.
  3. Select the area-of-effect and appropriate acoustic settings.
  4. Baam! Go live and explore your world freely with sound in every corner and let your audience roam free at any place without losing immersion.
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Professionals and Enthusiasts Are Welcome!

Hobbyists take their craft to the next level, professionals use their skills to entertain friends, it’s the era of creative convergence.

Echotopia is made to be used by both hobbyists and professionals, now everybody can create professional sounding soundscapes for fun and/or as a career.

  • For Hobbyists: Use immersive soundscapes to enhance live audio experiences like tabletop RPG game sessions, escape rooms, yoga and meditation sessions, your working environment or your company’s entrance hall, and much more.
  • For Professionals: Content creators, streamers, sound designers, filmmakers, and game developers, can export soundscapes in various formats to import into games, film, virtual reality experiences, soundboards, escape rooms, installations, museums, theatrical performances, sound libraries, and more (see roadmap).

Echotopia is one of a kind designer application that opens up a world of creative potential. And this is only the beginning, Echotopia’s roadmap is full of the innovative features that are coming soon.

What makes Echotopia stand out

Designing and producing immersive soundscapes becomes easy using Echotopia.

Echotopia’s specialized philosophy and workflows make it a breeze to brainstorm, prototype, and fabricate rich acoustic environments to perform or render to a target of industry-standard formats.

Intuitive Map Editor

Echotopia uses a map to define the areas with different sound behaviors in them. This simple-yet-novel method to topographically represent your designed world creates an intuitive way to design the acoustic environment in a fast and natural way.

Areas with different sound behaviors can be defined and managed easily using sound emission zones, fade zones, and acoustics, to create believable acoustic environments.

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Naturally-Behaving Sound Layers

Just like in any graphics editor, define the sound of your areas in layers, each one simulating a specific natural sound behavior that dictates how the audio content is played.

Loopers are used to add background sound textures and Randomizers can be added on top to scatter random oneshots around.

Freely add layers to achieve the needed complexity and realism without compromising the acoustic behavior of a real environment. More layer types coming soon, check the roadmap.

Real-Time Acoustics Engine

Echotopia’s innovative real-time acoustics engine is capable of simulating all acoustics needed to create believable compositions of any acoustic environment in real-time, both while editing or when performing, giving you the power to fine-tune the experience.

Echotopia’s acoustic simulations create natural sound at any point on the map by calculating distance, reflections, and occlusion. You just put your Explorer object at any point on the map and it will sound as it should be on that location.

For the reflections and occlusion, Echotopia is using the industry-standard open format of impulse responses. Impulse responses can be used to recreate the reverberant identity of real locations recorded around the world or to create extremely surrealistic depth for fictional locations.

Areas that depend more on the sound coming from neighboring areas than from their own locale and any indoor/outdoor setting will be created automatically by your settings on the map. Enjoy the freedom of listening to your world from any point without having to create every single location by hand.

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Immersive By Design

At the heart of Echotopia runs a full 3D audio mixing engine designed using cutting-edge technologies from the field of immersive audio production.

Any content input is automatically up-mixed or down-mixed to spread around the experience point, and the final output can be set from stereo to the latest multichannel surround formats, ensuring the maximum envelopment of the audience.

Use any channel format as input and get any channel format as output without having to mess with tedious settings, just focus on creativity and Echotopia will mix an industry-standard experience fit for any use, from hobbyists at home to professionals at a post-production facility.

Quality of Life and Ease of Use

We designed the user experience of Echotopia to be both intuitive and fail-safe for busy professional environments.

The creative flow is separated using specialized workspaces, each featuring the sections and tools needed for specific workflows used in soundscape design.

We openly discuss with our community how to make Echotopia the best authoring environment for soundscapes, and we test the user experience using scientific experiments in focus groups to ensure that we got the best flow before releasing a new feature.

Echotopia will always be a transparent-yet-powerful tool between you and your creations.

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Fostering Creative Openness

Echotopia is a creative tool designed to foster any creative community. For starters, you can import your audio content, making it easy to use trillions of sounds easily accessible on the internet.

Long gone are the days that soundboards locked you behind paywalls or pointless subscriptions just to get a few more sounds that you need.

After all, Echotopia is far more advanced than any soundboard application out there, it’s a designer’s tool.

Any content is played back using specialized tools that mimic natural sound behaviors, making the creation of acoustic environments easy for anybody; from amateur hobbyists to tight-schedule following professionals.

Reverberation is simulated using impulse responses which can be found and set up easily, making the production of realistic soundscapes even easier.

Area presets, projects scenes, and complete projects are portable so you can share with anybody, sell them as a professional sound designer, or include them with your maps and game designs.

A Huge Collection of Production-Ready Original Sound Libraries

The premium versions of Echotopia come with production-ready professional sound libraries to help you kickstart any type of project, all created using our innovative SFv4 Production Process.

You get ready-made ambience scenes, noiseprints oneshots, special sound effects, acoustic impulse responses, area presets, and more.

And we’re not talking about your usual run-of-the-mill sound libraries, our unique production technologies make them the perfect sounds for real cutting-edge sound.

Echotopia together with our sound libraries is a complete turn-key solution for the creation of any soundscape you might ever need. We already offer a huge collection of sound libraries and we plan to release even more (see roadmap).

Don’t forget that Echotopia is an open audio editor, you are still free to import your own sounds for the ultimate in creative freedom!

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Creative Sectors

Soundscapes are the invisible magic power that can transform any experience. They can transfer the audience to new worlds or augment the reality of a real space.

Using Echotopia, solo producers and teams of any creative sector can easily create the perfect acoustic environment for their projects.

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Game Masters, Players, and Streamers

Game masters and players of pen-and-paper role-playing games and tabletops can create a great atmosphere by using Echotopia’s unique map topography to place sound elements in their world and playback how everything will sound from the exact location of their adventurers. Streamers can broadcast the output of Echotopia to their audience to immerse them in their stories.

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Filmmakers and Animators

Filmmakers can use Echotopia to brainstorm and prototype the acoustic environments where their story takes place. Use Echotopia on set while shooting as virtual acoustic background to help them make creative decisions, or playback the audio from speakers to enhance the experience of the actors to boost their performance. Animators can use Echotopia to create all the acoustic environments where their stories take place, end-to-end from prototype to final production. On post-production, use Echotopia to export any location’s soundscape in various industry-standard formats to import into NLEs and DAWs and use them in the final cut.

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Game Designers and Developers

Game designers, developers, level editors, and virtual world builders can use Echotopia to brainstorm, prototype, and produce the soundscapes for the game or extended reality experiences. Use your level maps to directly create the acoustic environment of the world you’re designing and export the final soundscapes to include them in your final build.

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Escape Rooms and Arenas

Escape room and arena designers, owners, or operators, can use Echotopia to create and perform real-time acoustic environments for their audience. Create realistic or surrealistic soundscapes to enhance or augment the experience of your audience and immerse them deep in the experience. With the immersive audio capabilities of Echotopia, you can hook up your system to various speaker configurations to create the perfect envelopment around your space.

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Sound Design and Content Providing

Sound designers and content providers, especially those who are specialized in game audio and film sound, can use Echotopia to easily create early prototypes for their clients and brainstorm with them while listening to their designs in real-time. By using maps or draft schematics from game levels and story locations, you can design and produce any acoustic environment needed for any type of project. Sound librarians can use Echotopia to create a complete acoustic world and then export any location in industry-standard formats to sell as assets.

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Theater and Live Performance

Artists and operators working in live theaters or live performances can use Echotopia to create and perform the diegetic ambience in which the action takes place. Echotopia’s real-time immersive audio engine is specialized for soundscape production and live use. Echotopia can also be used as a fast tool from the ideation of the project to the production and you can also render and export any location of the acoustic environment you created to industry-standard formats for use in any venue audio systems you already use.

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Theme Parks, Exhibitions, and Museums

Artists, producers, owners, and operators of theme parks, exhibitions, and museums can use Echotopia to create the perfect atmosphere for their spaces. Transform the air of your spaces to living acoustic environments that enhance the experience of your visitors. Artists can perform live or render the soundscapes and include them in any part of their work. Owners can create unique installations to immerse their visitors in the experience.

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Wellness, Meditation, and Mindfulness

The acoustic environment is one of the most important factors that affect mindfulness and concentration. Spaces that focus on improving wellness can use Echotopia to create an isolated environment of solitude for your clients and personnel. Meditation and yoga studios can use Echotopia to isolate their space acoustic environment from the outside and provide a tranquil natural environment for their practitioners and teachers. Echotopia can also be used in your home or office to transform any space into a palace of acoustic solitude that will foster focus and productivity or mindfulness and relaxation.

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Architects and Civil Engineers

Architects can use Echotopia to create and present mock-ups of the acoustic environments they plan to develop. Use the fast tools of Echotopia together with the included audio assets, or import your assets, to create soundscapes that you can later export to include in your Arch Viz presentations. Furthermore, civil engineers can use Echotopia in installations for buildings and other spaces, to create unique experiences for the visitors or residents of those spaces. Using virtual soundscapes you can enhance the acoustic experience of any space you design and build.

Get Echotopia

Echotopia is offered in four editions. You get the full-featured Echotopia Soundscape Design editor in whatever edition you choose, the only difference is the content you get together.






Echotopia App

Full Editor Application

Full Editor Application

Full Editor Application

Full Editor Application

Audio Content

* You get all content in open standard format files to use with other tools and in any of your projects.


Basic content to help you start using Echotopia

All Sound Libraries

Thousands of sound effects, music, atmospheres, and acoustic impulse responses

All Sound Libraries

Thousands of sound effects, music, atmospheres, and acoustic impulse responses

All Sound Libraries

Thousands of sound effects, music, atmospheres, and acoustic impulse responses

Audio File Resolution

* All formats have been rendered using high-quality studio converters and even our compressed formats are perceptually the same as the uncompressed versions.

Multimedia Quality

48 kHz Ogg Vorbis in high-quality perceptual encoding (0.7 VBR)





Broadcast Quality

48 kHz / 24-bit WAV (Uncompressed PCM) files





High-Resolution Quality

96 kHz / 24-bit WAV (Uncompressed PCM)





Audio Content Channel Formats

* Echotopia upmixes everything automatically according to your speaker configuration, so you get full surround output every time.

Mono and Stereo

Standard mono and stereo files depending on the content.






Quad Surround (4.0 Equal Energy Distribution) which is a classic surround format for channel-based immersive productions like games and film.





Ambisonics Spherical

AmbiX Spheres (1st Order ACN channel ordering and SN3D normalization) which is the standard format for scene-based immersive productions such as VR/AR and 3D Audio in games and film.









  • Echotopia is going to be released within the 3rd quarter of 2022 with a rich roadmap ahead.
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