SoundFellas at the Chaniartoon 2022 International Comic and Animation Festival

Join SoundFellas and Pan Athen at the Chaniartoon 2022 International Comic and Animation Festival which takes place at Chania/Crete from 5 to 18 this September. Presenting a soundscape production workshop, a talk about the similarities between sound and image production, and a horror audio drama as a tech demo.

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SoundFellas will be at the Chaniartoon 2022 International Comic and Animation Festival which takes place at Chania/Crete from 5 to 18 this September.

Visit the Chaniartoon Festival's official website to learn everything about this exciting festival, its events, talk sessions, and workshops.

You may ask, why an audio company would be at a comic and animation festival. Still, apart from the apparent open-mindedness of the whole thing, each year the Chaniartoon Festival focuses on a neighbor sector of the entertainment media industry, and this year the focus is on audio as you can see from their beautiful poster (in this post's featured image above).

This year, the Chaniartoon Festival has many artistic and hi-tech exhibits and 554 great animation film submissions from 69 countries all over the world! Not to mention that this is happening in the beautiful city of Chania on the Greek island of Crete.

What we will be doing there?

Workshop: Soundscape Production

This workshop comes right before the release of our soundscape designer desktop application Echotopia. We will be presenting the principles behind successful soundscape design for use in entertainment media, storytelling, and architecture.

A photographic composition showing a sound designer working on the Echotopia soundscape design application, with an island and sea background with lightning on a cloudy sky.

From the creation of soundscapes for film and videogames to the production of audio content for interior design and arch viz, the soundscape of a scene is one of the most difficult kinds of content to produce.

The behavior of sound sources, the materials’ and the atmosphere’s acoustics, together with the design of the final experience for the audience, are the basic factors that give us consistency with the storytelling and the world in which the story is unfolding.

However, many audio productions in entertainment media often fail. The most common reasons behind this failure are the wrong choice of sounds and/or the development of the sound for a production without first studying the acoustics and behaviors of the sound sources, materials, and atmosphere.

In this workshop led by SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs founder, sound designer and technologist, Pan Athen, you will design your own soundscape. You will learn what the soundscape is and how it differs from the acoustic environment, how our ideas should be organized at the beginning of the design, how the research is done during the design, which techniques are used in production, and how we test the final product to achieve high quality of the deliverable.

Finally, you will learn the areas in which soundscape design can be applied and what the future holds for this industry sector.

This workshop is for creators, academics, educators, and enthusiasts.

Register for this workshop here.

Talk: Sound and Image - Different But The Same

A collage showing an audio production project open in a sequencer software application on one side, and a big lightning on a stormy sky on the other side.

The production of sound and the production of picture have more similarities than differences.

Light and sound are signals that our sense organs and brain receive and process in similar ways. By extension, the forms, the color, the placement, the organization, and the mixing of the elements are common in both sound and visual arts.

In this talk, sound designer and founder of SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, Pan Athen, introduces us to sound production through the perspective of the similarities sound and picture production have and at the same time gives us the elements that connect the two areas in the production of audiovisual works aiming at the consistency of the end result.

See the schedule and attend the talk here.

Audio Drama: The Chaniartoon Mystery

A horror audio drama as a tech demo for our sound libraries, audio production innovations, and Echotopia's next big feature - the renderer and exporter.

You can listen to The Chaniartoon Mystery here.

The poster of The Chaniartoon Mystery horror audio drama, showing a girl under a blurry veil.

As part of Chaniartoon 2022, SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs presents the audio drama "The Chaniartoon Mystery", a fantasy story based on the rich history of the city of Chania.

All production was done in the SoundFellas studios, with the latest sound production technologies and special rendering techniques for realistic sound and acoustics of the Echotopia Soundscape Designer, SoundFellas' soundscape design desktop application.

Based on the characters, story, and screenplay created by Dr. Anna Gioran and Pan Athen from SoundFellas, in "The Chaniartoon Mystery" the listener follows the personal recordings of Evelyn Makis, a building inspector who was invited to check out the facilities of Chaniartoon 2022 without knowing her ancestral history in Chania - Crete, and the dark forces she will confront.

You can listen to The Chaniartoon Mystery here.

About the Audio Drama medium

Audio drama, commonly known as Radio Drama due to its widespread popularity as radio entertainment in the 1930s-1960s, is a storytelling medium using exclusively audio content.

The forerunner of audio drama is considered to be the Roman politician, orator, dramatist, and Stoic philosopher Seneca the Younger (4 BC – 65 AD), whose works were performed by readers as audio plays rather than by actors as plays.

The modern audio drama began as a service on the first telephones, similar to today's Spotify and Apple Music Podcasts, with the invention of the Théâtrophone by French engineer Clement Ader in 1881 and found its way timidly to the radio. Audio drama rose to fame from the 1930s to the 1960s through classic radio, while from the 1960s to the 2000s its popularity declined due to the widespread success of television.

With the rise of the internet, streaming technologies, and the success of podcasts, from 2000 to the present, radio dramas are reviving under the label of "new media", under the umbrella term “audio dramas”.

The lack of image in the medium allows for fantastic scenes and effects where the cost would be unaffordable for film or television. As a representative example, Douglas Adams' famous "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" was first produced as a radio drama and was not adapted for television until much later, when its popularity would have warranted the high cost of properly rendering its futuristic setting. Learn more at Wikipedia.

Join SoundFellas at the Chaniartoon 2022 International Comic and Animation Festival

Get all information on the festival's official website here.

The poster of the Chaniartoon 2022 Festival showing all information and sponsors.

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