Particle Sounds

Particle Sounds are micro-sounds perfectly trimmed and mastered to be used in physics simulations and particle sound emissions. Including many variations for each event and auxiliary assets for building dynamic sound systems.

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Don’t miss our other library categories, such as Ambience Kits, Sound Effects, Production Music, and Designed IRs.
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Natural Sounding Phenomena Through Innovation

Our studio is really a laboratory of sound science and engineering pun intended! We produce audio using a next-gen production pipeline, with some innovative technologies and techniques. Below you can find a list of all the innovations you will find if you get a Production Music library from us. Or, if you’re a geek like us, check out all our innovations.

True3D Audio™

An audio production pipeline that allows us to mix anechoic sound elements into a virtual 3D scene with accurate acoustics simulation. Learn More >>

Scene Analysis

A protocol for capturing, and documenting a location, to extract elements, model scenes, analyze sound behavior and synthesize new elements. Learn More >>


We dereverberate our recordings to get them as anechoic as they get. We also flatten any coloring added by microphones, preamps, etc. Revealing the source’s pure sound means better integration with reverb processors, occlusion filters, 3D audio engines, and a more immersive audio experience for the end user. Learn More >>

Refined Content​

Meticulous trimming, seamless looping, and detailed fading. All those results in oneshots that perfectly sync with visuals, and loops that cycle seamlessly in any playback scenario. What you get is content that just sounds great and cuts through the mix. Learn More >>


AuthorNorm™ is a perceived loudness normalization protocol that fuses the natural behavior of sound in nature and how we use sound in digital media authoring. Designed to normalize audio assets used in the production and post-production stages, it’s perfect for any media authoring work. Learn More >>

HDR Audio

Our end-to-end high dynamic range pipeline yields crystal clear sound with more detail, punchier attacks, and smoother fades, that sound great across any playback scenario. Learn More >>

Professional Grade - Low Cost

Low cost is almost automatically associated with low quality and less value; however, this is an unfair correlation. We constantly use critical thinking to reduce the cost of production while maintaining, or even increasing, the quality we deliver. Our quality-driven culture results in professional-grade sound libraries with 10x or 20x lower prices than any high-quality competitor.

Welcome to the Microcosm of Sound

Particle Sounds are micro-sounds designed specifically for use in computer particle systems that simulate (to paraphrase Wikipedia) certain kinds of “fuzzy” phenomena, which are otherwise very hard to reproduce with conventional rendering techniques. Those are usually highly chaotic systems (i.e. bubbles, insect swarm), natural phenomena (i.e. dirt debris, rain), processes caused by chemical reactions (i.e. fire, acid burn, fireworks), or even abstract visual effects (i.e. glowing trails, magic spells).

In game audio workflows, Particle Sounds can be used with randomized containers, sound scatterer modules, and procedural sound playback systems, to achieve both awesome sound effects and on the same time audiovisual sync at a microscopic level.

Using Particle Sounds together with special sound effects and Foley on top of dynamic environmental ambience creates an advanced believable experience that your audience will perceive as of the highest quality aesthetics.

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