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Μodular sound collections with ready made 3D soundscapes, isolated elements, and all the assets you need to create dynamic and unique acoustic environments, that perfectly match the style of any project.

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Next-Gen Ambience Kits for Inspired Sound Design

Our studio is really a laboratory of sound science and engineering pun intended! We produce audio using a next-gen production pipeline, with some innovative technologies and techniques. Below you can find a list of all the innovations you will find if you get a Production Music library from us. Or, if you’re a geek like us, check out all our innovations.

True3D Audio™

An audio production pipeline that allows us to mix anechoic sound elements into a virtual 3D scene with accurate acoustics simulation. Learn More >>

Scene Analysis

A protocol for capturing, and documenting a location, to extract elements, model scenes, analyze sound behavior and synthesize new elements. Learn More >>


Our FocusBlur™ process defocuses the localization cues in soundscape or music material, to create material more suited for a background layer. Learn More >>


We dereverberate our recordings to get them as anechoic as they get. We also flatten any coloring added by microphones, preamps, etc. Revealing the source’s pure sound means better integration with reverb processors, occlusion filters, 3D audio engines, and a more immersive audio experience for the end user. Learn More >>

Refined Content​

Meticulous trimming, seamless looping, and detailed fading. All those results in oneshots that perfectly sync with visuals, and loops that cycle seamlessly in any playback scenario. What you get is content that just sounds great and cuts through the mix. Learn More >>


AuthorNorm™ is a perceived loudness normalization protocol that fuses the natural behavior of sound in nature and how we use sound in digital media authoring. Designed to normalize audio assets used in the production and post-production stages, it’s perfect for any media authoring work. Learn More >>

HDR Audio

Our end-to-end high dynamic range pipeline yields crystal clear sound with more detail, punchier attacks, and smoother fades, that sound great across any playback scenario. Learn More >>

Professional Grade - Low Cost

Low cost is almost automatically associated with low quality and less value; however, this is an unfair correlation. We constantly use critical thinking to reduce the cost of production while maintaining, or even increasing, the quality we deliver. Our quality-driven culture results in professional-grade sound libraries with 10x or 20x lower prices than any high-quality competitor.

A Wealth of Assets for Rich Sound Design

Each of our Ambience Kits includes many different types of audio assets, produced with advanced techniques, offering you, offering you a wealth of resources to create ambiences and sound effects consistent with your project’s style and aesthetics.

  • Ready-made ambiences in stereo, quad surround, and ambisonics composited using innovative 3D sound technologies.
  • Noiseprints, also known as roomtones.
  • Isolated oneshot elements, both anechoic (reverberated) and diffused.*
  • Isolated looping elements, both anechoic (dereverberated) and diffused.*
  • Reverb impulse responses to simulate the acoustics of the library’s spaces.
  • Occlusion impulse responses to simulate the transfer of sound through materials from the library’s theme.
  • Doppler-inversed loops, created from passbys and projectiles, which included the Doppler effect in their recording. You can use those with simulations like in game engines where a Doppler effect simulation is applied.*
* Doppler-inversed and diffused assets are included where applicable, depending on the library’s theme. Please check each library’s content list for details.

Asset Types Breakdown

Ready-Made Ambiences

Seamless ambience loops, created in True3D Audio™ for the ultimate immersion. All in Stereo, Surround, and Ambisonics. Extra FocusBlur™ editions for all ambience loops with defocused cue localization so they don’t break consistency with localized visual elements. Classic stereo? Cinematic surround and IMAX? Object-based and Dolby Atmos? Virtual reality and beyond? Each Ambience Kit has got you covered!

Noiseprints (aka Roomtones)

Noiseprints are also known as roomtones and are the ambience textures that define the underlying character of an acoustic environment. A quick way to create a custom ambience, is to use a noiseprint and layer some oneshots, passing all of them through convolution using the IRs included in the library (read below). Noiseprints are also great as sweeteners or enhancement layers for creative sound design.

Isolated Oneshot Elements

Anechoic Oneshots

Anechoic oneshots are made from events that trigger once and are not continuously looping. They are perfect for triggering randomly or syncing with visuals for realistic results.

Refined and dereverberated using our unique PureSource™ audio process, so you can use them in your own virtual scenes with custom reverberation.

Diffused Oneshots

Diffused oneshots are made from events that trigger once and are not continuously looping. Those sounds arrive on the near-field from so far that they carry the acoustic character of the distant places in the diffused part of their timbre; that’s why we don’t dereverberate them.

Refined using our unique PureSource™ audio process, perfect for triggering randomly to add the extra depth of far-field acoustics to your scenes.

Isolated Looping Elements

Anechoic Loops

Anechoic loops are made from events that happen continuously, and their duration depends on external factors. They are perfect for seamless playback grouped with objects, scenes, or interactive logic.

Refined and dereverberated using our unique PureSource™ audio process so that you can use them in your own virtual scenes with custom reverberation.

Diffused Loops

Diffused loops are made from the events that continuously happen in the background.

Those sounds arrive on the near-field from so far that they carry the acoustic character of the distant places in the diffused part of their timbre; that’s why we don’t dereverberate them.

Refined using our unique PureSource™ audio process and ready for layering to add the extra depth of far-field acoustics in your scenes.

Impulse Responses

Each of our Ambience Kits includes impulse responses that recreate the reverberation, the material occlusion, and other phenomena of sound where applicable, so you can use them with convolution to create better simulations.

A great advantage of having those impulse responses at your disposal is that you can process with them the rest of your audio like dialog, foleys, and any other audio layer you have to mix. That way, everything will sound like it belongs in the scene adding consistency, realism, and boosting immersion for your audience. Consistent reverberation and acoustics act like glue, they make sounds believable, and their absence is the most common reason that projects sound bad. Don’t worry, with our Ambience Kits, you are protected!

Reverb IRs from Spaces

Easily simulate the reverberation of the spaces from each Ambience Kit’s theme by using convolution and the impulse responses included in the library.

Process all the audio from your scene for the ultimate “glue” effect on your scene’s sounds.

Reverberation is also an excellent tool for consistency when you use sounds that you got from different places and creators, giving all sounds a common style.

Occlusion IRs from Materials

How a sound behind the wall should sound? How to create the “indoors” or “outdoors” sound as experienced from the other side? How does a submarine engine room sound from the control room?

Use the included occlusion IRs to create believable scenes that include the filtering of the “other-side” sounds from the materials of walls and other structural obstacles or large objects.

Doppler-Inversed Loops for Games and Real-Time Simulations

Recording moving sources while they move is the best way to capture all their sound characteristics. For example, by recording a car passing by, you capture the tires’ friction, the car body’s air displacement, and the road surface (asphalt/gravel, dry/wet, etc.).

However, moving sources include the Doppler effect in their recordings, which makes the recordings useless when it comes to game engines and simulations that need sounds that infinitely loop and introduce their own Doppler effect simulation using real-time DSP related to the listener object. This is a problem many creators face with sounds from stock sound libraries.

At SoundFellas laboratories, we solved this problem using some innovative reverse engineering!

For each recording included in any of our sound libraries that was captured live with the Doppler effect, we also include an extra Doppler-inversed version as a seamless loop.

Now, you don’t have to worry if your sound source moves around in an interactive environment if you need to create custom duration of those effects to sync them with your visuals, or if you use the sounds in virtual reality or 3D games that introduce Doppler simulations of their own.

That way you get all sound characteristics of the moving source, without the restricting Doppler effect baked in your sound asset.

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