Offices and Workplaces

The vibrant acoustic world of contemporary work environments

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Introducing "Offices and Workplaces", the ultimate ambience kit for realistic and engaging work environment soundscapes!

Step into the vibrant world of contemporary work environments with our extraordinary sound collection, "Offices and Workplaces." This meticulously crafted library offers a plethora of workplace ambiences and sounds, transporting your audience to bustling offices, serene lobbies, humming server rooms, and much more. Immerse your audience in the essence of bustling urban workspaces, as you explore recordings of quiet and busy offices, computer rooms, corridors, and similar locations.

Craft Your Custom Ambience

With "Offices and Workplaces," you are not just limited to pre-made soundscapes. Unlock a world of creative possibilities with isolated elements of the soundscape. Seamlessly blend and combine various elements to curate your unique, dynamic environments. Whether it's for documentaries, urban action films, public settings, or corporate training, this feature ensures that you have the power to create realistic and engaging soundscapes that perfectly complement your project.

Experience True Versatility

Our library includes a wide range of sounds, covering everything from spacious interiors in metropolitan areas to the hustle of office life. Transfer your audience in a bustling hallway, surrounded by the ambient chatter of busy colleagues, the clickety-clack of keyboards, and the soft rhythmic groove of the photocopier. From the soothing hum of a refrigerator to the familiar ding of an elevator, we've captured every essence of the modern workplace to enhance your audio experience.

Perfect for Cutting-Edge Projects

Designed with the future of media in mind, "Offices and Workplaces" offers soundscapes in stereo, surround, and ambisonic formats. Ideal for games, virtual reality, and film post-production, these versatile formats ensure that your projects resonate with a rich, three-dimensional soundscape that transports audiences right into the heart of the action.

Innovative Acoustic Features

Enhance your sound design with our library's innovative acoustic features, specially tailored for 3D sound in films, games, and VR experiences. Immerse your audience in a world where the environment is brought to life, capturing every subtle nuance and detail to elevate your project to new heights of realism.

Unlock the Power of Sound

"Offices and Workplaces" is more than just a collection of sounds; it's the key to unlocking the power of audio storytelling. Whether you're crafting a crime mystery, a captivating urban tale, or a serene dialogue-heavy scene, this sound library elevates your work to a whole new level of audio excellence.

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your projects with "Offices and Workplaces" and immerse your audience in captivating, realistic, and fully customizable work environments. Elevate your sound design today!

The Perfect Ambience Kit and Beyond

As with all our Ambience Kits, this library contains different kinds of assets to help you compose custom soundscapes or create new layered sound effects that fit your project perfectly:

  • Ready-made scenes in StereoSurround, and Ambisonic formats, produced with our innovative True3D Audio™ mixing system (check the Unique Features section below).

  • Individual elements in the form of mono and stereo one-shots and loops, dereverberated or diffused to integrate with any virtual acoustics you use in your project (reverb processors, occlusion filters, etc.).

  • Noiseprints (aka roomtones) that are very useful as a base texture to add elements on top (to create your own ambience loops) or use them creatively in other ways (e.g., vocoding to create monster voices, filtering and distortion to create engines, weapons, otherworldly drones, and more).

  • Reverberation IRs and occlusion IRs (a first), so you can use them with convolution in your projects to create ultra-realistic experiences (you will need a convolution filter that loads custom samples to use those).

Best For

adventures, urban action, documentaries, dialog heavy, public settings, corporate training, simulations, arch viz

Keywords from Content

space, spacious, interior, area, room, locale, urban, people, city, metropolitan, civic, hallway, corridor, keystrokes, walla, office, work, crowd, switch, door, button, photocopier, printer, keyboard, computer, server, ups, ventilation, hard drive, safe, refrigerator, elevator, stairwell, storage

Contents and organization

We take extra care to make it easy to find the sounds you need and intuitively browse the contents. Depending on the theme and content, we use various ways to organize the content. Different content categories and channel formats are organized in folders. Useful content properties are included in the filenames (i.e., Loop, Complex, Diffused, DoplerInversed, etc.). Different types of the same phenomenon are denoted with capital letters, and same-type variations are enumerated with two-digit incremental numbers.

File list

Check out the contents and organization of this sound library in the library’s file list.

UCS Metadata Excel

The files in this library have embedded metadata, but you can also get a UCS-compatible Excel file for your pipeline.

Technical Specifications

This library contains 16 ready-made scenes to use as ambience loops in stereo, surround, and ambisonic formats with additional FocusBlur™ versions of all files to sync with any visuals without breaking audiovisual spatial coherence.

Additionally, the package also includes 142 isolated elements, 16 noiseprints, 4 reverb impulse responses, and 3 occlusion impulse responses.

In total, this package contains 340 files.

All files are delivered in pristine (PCM) wave files (WAV) at 96 kHz / 24-bit resolution with an uncompressed size of 6.98 GB.

Unique features

Achieve the best sound by taking advantage of this library’s innovative features.

Scene Analysis

A protocol for capturing, and documenting a location, to extract elements, model scenes, analyze sound behavior and synthesize new elements. Learn More >>


Our FocusBlur™ process defocuses the localization cues in soundscape or music material, to create material more suited for a background layer. Learn More >>


We dereverberate our recordings to get them as anechoic as they get. We also flatten any coloring added by microphones, preamps, etc. Revealing the source’s pure sound means better integration with reverb processors, occlusion filters, 3D audio engines, and a more immersive audio experience for the end user. Learn More >>

Refined Content​

Meticulous trimming, seamless looping, and detailed fading. All those results in oneshots that perfectly sync with visuals, and loops that cycle seamlessly in any playback scenario. What you get is content that just sounds great and cuts through the mix. Learn More >>


AuthorNorm™ is a perceived loudness normalization protocol that fuses the natural behavior of sound in nature and how we use sound in digital media authoring. Designed to normalize audio assets used in the production and post-production stages, it’s perfect for any media authoring work. Learn More >>

HDR Audio

Our end-to-end high dynamic range pipeline yields crystal clear sound with more detail, punchier attacks, and smoother fades, that sound great across any playback scenario. Learn More >>


To ensure easy ingestion in your project and maximum scope coverage, we regularly test our sound libraries with the pipelines below.

We follow industry-standard formats, so you should be able to use our audio assets in any pipeline. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Game Engines
Video Editors
Digital Audio Workstations
Low Level and Embedded

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