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Immersive Audio Labs

We are SoundFellas, a team of passionate creatives with a progressive mindset and the mission to raise the quality of sound in entertainment media.

Creativity is the only way to move forward as humanity, and entertainment media tell stories that influence how we view our world. Moving towards the new era of creativity, everybody can be a creator and everybody can be a storyteller.

We work hard to provide unique software tools, innovative sound libraries, progressive-thinking training, and full-stack production services and consulting, at prices that anybody can afford.

We use science and engineering mixed with our art and a designer’s mindset to innovate and create value in creative audio and the creative media.

Our ideology boils down to the very simple but hard-to-achieve goal we set to conquer. All creators that want to have great sound in their projects, should be able to have great sound in their projects.

Use our products and services to transform the sound of your projects!

Pan Athen
Founder and General Manager

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About SoundFellas

SoundFellas (SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs) is a creative audio laboratory and teaching studio founded by Pan Athen. Since 2011, SoundFellas offers novel audio services, content, and software tools for games, film, and entertainment media. Fusing scientific research with design, SoundFellas aims to produce quality-in-use content for all levels of creators. Our libraries feature innovative acoustic and psychoacoustic qualities that enhance the 3D sound experience of any project, from stereo music production to immersive audio pipelines such as Dolby Atmos, Ambisonics, and MPEG-H. Our software tools and services always focus on artistic integrity, commercial value, and cutting-edge technical artistry.

Notable products are its innovative Sound Libraries and the unique DMDJ mobile soundscape generator. Coming out of a 5-year long R&D effort, the latest creation of SoundFellas, the Echotopia Soundscape Designer, offers a novel way to create naturally-behaving soundscapes. Echotopia offers a next-gen soundscape production solution for storytellers, filmmakers, game developers, sound designers, escape room producers, meditation experts, and interior designers.

With scientific research in audio production and entertainment media consumption as a core practice, SoundFellas has developed an Innovative Audio Production Pipeline, with notable mentions such as the pre-authoring loudness normalization protocol AuthorNorm™, the forensics-inspired PureSource™ and Scene Analysis workflows, plus the immersive 3D sound mixing processes of True3D Audio™ and FocusBlur™.

SoundFellas also operates a teaching studio and curates new talent. At the same time, it provides consulting services for the design of educational programs and other educational purposes. A notable contribution is creating the first Bachelor’s Degree in Games Programming in Greece in collaboration with the SAE Institute. In addition, as a technology-innovating and talent-curating studio, SoundFellas designed and implemented the sound systems and content of AAA game titles such as the Darkfall Online series and movies such as Short Fuse.

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Media Kit

Are you writing an article for us or our products? Use up-to-date high-quality assets directly from the source. Explore the SoundFellas Media Kit.

Core team

The core team, Pan Athen, Manolis Benetos and Antonis Koutelias, are veterans in the fields of audio engineering, music production, and sound design for games and film. They created SoundFellas, an innovative laboratory dedicated to providing cutting edge audio assets, software tools, services and education, with one single goal, to elevate the quality of sound production in any sector of the creative media industry.

Pan Athen

Designer, technologist, and general manager

Pan started cutting magnetic tape with voice recordings at the age of four. Apart from his childhood hobbies, he is a professional audio engineer and music producer, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of game audio. He likes studying and applying psychoacoustics to design sound. He also teaches and designs courses for sound design, game audio, game development, and game production.

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Antonis Koutelias

Audio producer and community manager

Antonis is an awarded sound designer and film sound specialist. He has worked as a production sound recordist, boom operator, Foley artist, sound designer, editor and mixer for over 11 years. He also likes doing lightweight stunts from time to time.

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Manolis Benetos

Software engineer and music producer

Software engineer and music producer with a multidisciplinary mind and a passion for technical excellence. He likes combining his expertise in software development and his love for music, to create innovative software. He always finds time to create music and develop his art.

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From music labels, game development and film production studios to new media firms and academic institutions, our diverse clientele is proof of our top-notch results and the vast universe of our expertise.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say…


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Our values

Science over dogma

Deep knowledge of a subject comes not only from hard work, but also from the way one works. We approach our knowledge acquisition with the scientific method and not by adhering to any dogma. The result is a carefully developed production pipeline and toolset that give our products and services their competitive edge.

Craftsmanship over exhibitionism

We don’t use “audio engineering porn” (pictures of over-priced studios and equipment) to convey our message of quality. The quality of an outcome comes directly from the person that uses the tools and not the other way around. Also known as the GIGO principle in computer science, garbage in = garbage out.

Hard work

Hard work in the service of the customer. We work and study hard to create products and solutions that our beloved customers will use to stand out. We want to help you show the world how unique you are through your creations.

Ethical production

We don’t run an audio production sweatshop, using interns to lower our prices. We don’t wait for projects to end their life-cycle to re-package them as professional sound libraries and name-drop the projects that was used, to force the impulsive buyer within you.

People to people relations

We love interacting with everybody, developing close relations that elevate us and empower our customers. See for your self, just contact us and say hi. 🙂

Building evergreen partnerships

We develop our professional relations through transparency and trust. Our collaborators and our business partners are also our friends. We build everlasting fellowships that withstand time and space barriers.

Giving back

Nobody came to be somebody alone. Giving back is at the backbone of our well being. Physical things or intangibles, we love giving back to each other, to society and to the ecosystem. As we gain and learn we also share and teach, it’s the never-ending cycle of progress and self-actualization.