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A sound studio and lab, where we fuse engineering and art, design and science, to produce innovative content, technologies, tools, and learning resources for games, film, music, virtual reality, and beyond

Audio Assets

Sound libraries with next-gen features for ultra-realistic natural audio

Image of Icon Ambience KitAmbience Kits

Combine de-reverberated loops, noise prints and isolated sound elements, to create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments that render accurately on any channel configuration.

Image of Icon Sound EffectsSound Effects

Enrich your projects with impactful sound effects, optimized and ready to drag-and-drop into your projects, featuring multiple types and several variations for each event.

Image of Icon MusicProduction Music

Use spherical mixed surround tracks to enhance the atmosphere of your project. Easily interchange between them, to effectively alternate between moods.

Image of Icon FreebieGet our FREE Starter Megapack, a great way to discover our next-gen audio assets and try them in your workflow. Get it for FREE


Innovative tools for anyone that wants to create with sound

Image of SoundCheck ScreenshotsSoundCheck for Unity

Soundcheck is the first “virtual monitoring” system for the Unity authoring environment. It combines accurate gaming device speaker profiles and real-time processing to greatly improve your sound implementation workflow.

Image of DMDJ simple cardDMDJ for Mobile

DMDJ is a unique mobile app fro storytellers, that uses game audio technologies to create dynamic and ever-changing acoustic environments, enhancing any real space with existing or fictional soundscapes.


Read what our customers and clients testify about us
Konstantinos MoutsinasLine Producer, 1821 Media Group

SoundFellas are extremely creative and technically savvy sound designers, who fully embrace and understand their craft. This team is made of people that care about what they do, but most of all, they care about the quality of the sound they produce. I would recommend them without the slightest hesitation.

Thanos KermitsisCreative Media Director & CEO, Avalon Productions

I have collaborated with SoundFellas in most of my films. The variety, quantity and quality of their audio assets and services played an important role to my work's success.

Mariam KiouriCreative Director, Urchin New Media

We mostly use the sound fx and ambience audio assets from SoundFellas, to create our games and animations fast. It makes our lives so much easier. Great variety, quality & consistency.

John TzouvelekisCreative Media Director, Freelancer

SoundFellas provides a big variety of high quality audio assets and services. So whatever idea I want to materialize, I can rest easy, knowing the sound will never let me down.

Ilias PanaritisColor Grading Engineer & Video Editor, Freelancer

I use audio assets from SoundFellas in all my projects. The elegant combination of quantity and quality of sounds in each kit, together with the ergonomic consistency of the content, allow me to save time and produce films with awesome sound.

Joanna MarinakouFounder & Lead Instructor, Pole Body Training

By integrating sound effects from SoundFellas into my choreographies, I achieved a professional result for my students' performances. My work became better, my students were happier, and there has been a steady increase in attendance to all our shows.

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Our founder Panos Kouvelis, shares techniques, philosophy, news, and thoughts about sound and creativity

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Pace, a hardware-based anti-piracy firm, acquired the DSP programming library Juce from Roli the famous MIDI keyboard makers for an undisclosed amount. What does that mean for the future of the creative audio industry?
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Diegetic, non-diegetic, and beyond, establish your style of audiovisual storytelling

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Presenting the Game Audio Perceived Quality Checklist poster

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Use this free checklist poster by SoundFellas, to boost the perceived audio quality to your games. Perfect for decorating your creative space, meeting room or classroom.

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