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We are SoundFellas, a team of passionate creatives with a progressive mindset and the mission to raise the quality of sound in independent entertainment media.

Creativity is the only way to move forward as humanity, and entertainment media tell stories that influence how we view our world. Moving towards the new era of creativity, everybody can be a creator and everybody can be a storyteller.

We work hard to provide unique software tools, innovative sound libraries, progressive-thinking training, and full-stack production services and consulting, at prices that anybody can afford.

We use science and engineering mixed with our art and a designer’s mindset to innovate and create value in creative audio and the creative media.

Our ideology boils down to the very simple but hard-to-achieve goal we set to conguer . All creators that want to have great sound in their projects, should be able to have great sound in their projects.

Let us transform the sound of your projects!

Pan Athen
Founder and General Manager

Image of Pan Athen Mixing on SSL Optimized.

Sound Libraries

Thematic collections audio content, produced with a fresh philosophy to help you achieve a perfect fit with your story and project aesthetics.


We developed some very innovative production technologies that we use to produce our content and also offer as services, bringing audio production to the level of contemporary CGI production.


A one-of-a-kind audio editor for soundscape design, created for both professional content creators and storytelling enthusiasts, featuring real-time acoustics simulation on top of a topographic map and the complete collection of our sounds.


A mobile soundscape generator for iOs and Android devices, bringing dynamic ambience for your storytelling at your fingertips.


Fine-tune your game’s sound for any platform right from within the Unity game editor, with a unique real-time device speaker simulator.


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Services and Clients

From music labels, game development and film production studios to new media firms and academic institutions, our diverse clientele is proof that our cutting-edge top-notch sound services produce high-quality results.

Do you want to create a memorable sound for your project? From consulting and design to production, implementation, and custom tools, we can offer you a diverse catalog of services based on your needs and budget. We will work with you to adapt our services to your time and monetary budgets to achieve the best outcome no matter the size of your project or your team.

Music, games, film, VR, any creative sector!
Solo producers, creative groups, indie studios, institutions, any size!

Our Latest Articles

Image of The ultimate sound sample title card.
Sound Design

Get the Ultimate Sound Sample for Free

With the help of machine learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge statistical analysis we combined all the sounds in the world to create the Ultimate Sound Sample. This is the only sound file you will ever need and we give it for free!

Image of Composition of audio speaker drive closeup and scientist looking into microscope.
Light Bulbs

Open Call to Life Sciences in Need of Audio Content

This is an official open call to all science researchers specialized in life sciences that need audio content. If using specialized audio signals and vibrations with high fidelity could help your research this article is for you.

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