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Empowering Creators with Beautiful Sound


A one-of-a-kind audio editor for soundscape design, created for both professional content creators and storytelling enthusiasts, featuring real-time acoustics simulation on top of a topographic map and the complete collection of our sounds.

Sound Libraries

Innovative sound design combined with next-gen engineering.
Made for experts who know what they want.

Discover the different sound libraries you can get:
Ambience Kits • Sound EffectsParticle SoundsDesigned IRsProduction Music

What Makes Us Different

SoundFellas is primarily an audio laboratory, disguised as a design and production studio.

In our decades-long career, we created unique solutions, discovered new software tools, and innovated how we work with audio and media.


A mobile soundscape generator for iOs and Android devices, bringing dynamic ambience for your storytelling at your fingertips.


Fine-tune your game’s sound for any platform right from within the Unity game editor, with a unique real-time device speaker simulator.


From music labels, game development and film production studios to new media firms and academic institutions, our diverse clientele is proof of our top-notch results and the vast universe of our expertise.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients say…

Our Latest Articles

Image of Simulate Sounds Coming Through the Wall With Echotopia Video Thumbnail.

Simulate Sounds Coming Through the Wall With Echotopia

Learn how to fill empty spaces like abandoned structures, basements, house rooms, and more with sound coming through the walls. A cool trick used by professional sound designers, which you can’t do in any other soundboard, soundscape generator, or spatial audio engine.

Image of Echotopia Featured Image.

SoundFellas Releases Echotopia Soundscape Designer, an Innovative Way of Producing and Performing Soundscapes

SoundFellas releases Echotopia; a new desktop audio editor specialized in producing soundscapes, also known as acoustic environments, ambient loops, or atmos. Echotopia is the combination of the experience gained from soundscape app development for over ten years (DMDJ mobile app) together with more than 30 years of experience in the design and production of game audio solutions.