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Collections of music tracks mixed in full 3D sound space for the perfect immersive soundtrack, and mastered for film post and games to easily blend with voice, sound effects and ambience.

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Our Production Music content is currently remastered and will be available soon.
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Don’t miss our other library categories, such as Ambience Kits, Sound Effects, Designed IRs, and Particle Sounds.
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Next-Gen Features for Soul-Stirring Soundtracks

Our studio is really a laboratory of sound science and engineering pun intended! We produce audio using a next-gen production pipeline, with some innovative technologies and techniques. Below you can find a list of all the innovations you will find if you get a Production Music library from us. Or, if you’re a geek like us, check out all our innovations.

True3D Audio™

An audio production pipeline that allows us to mix anechoic sound elements into a virtual 3D scene with accurate acoustics simulation. Learn More >>


Our FocusBlur™ process defocuses the localization cues in soundscape or music material, to create material more suited for a background layer. Learn More >>

Refined Content​

Meticulous trimming, seamless looping, and detailed fading. All those results in oneshots that perfectly sync with visuals, and loops that cycle seamlessly in any playback scenario. What you get is content that just sounds great and cuts through the mix. Learn More >>


AuthorNorm™ is a perceived loudness normalization protocol that fuses the natural behavior of sound in nature and how we use sound in digital media authoring. Designed to normalize audio assets used in the production and post-production stages, it’s perfect for any media authoring work. Learn More >>

HDR Audio

Our end-to-end high dynamic range pipeline yields crystal clear sound with more detail, punchier attacks, and smoother fades, that sound great across any playback scenario. Learn More >>

Professional Grade - Low Cost

Low cost is almost automatically associated with low quality and less value; however, this is an unfair correlation. We constantly use critical thinking to reduce the cost of production while maintaining, or even increasing, the quality we deliver. Our quality-driven culture results in professional-grade sound libraries with 10x or 20x lower prices than any high-quality competitor.

Our Philosophy

Serving the Need for Production While Respecting the Art

We produce each Production Music library as a separate piece of art. Each library has a specific theme, tuned to exist around a specific mood and aesthetic. To achieve this we create each music library by collaborating with a music producer with expertise in the genres that serve the library’s purpose. In each one of our Production Music libraries you will find enough tracks to create the soundtrack of your project, with enough variety to cover different scenes and states of your story.

Immersion and the Feeling of Envelopment

We include enhanced stereo, isotropic surround, and full ambisonic versions for all the music tracks of our Production Music libraries. That way, you can create a soundtrack for classic media and expand to virtual reality or object-based audio productions if you need to, and maintain equal energy around the listener even in experiences with interactive head rotation (e.g., virtual reality).

We produce music using our proprietary True3D Audio™ pipeline, which allows us to position sources around and simulate the natural acoustics for a fully enveloping result while rendering at any channel format we need.

Together with the standard versions of the tracks, in each of our Production Music libraries, we include an extra version of each track processed with our unique FocusBlur™. Those versions featured defocused localization cues to leave room for other sounds in your mix, which have a higher priority on your user experience. Perfect for games, virtual reality, and movie scenes with complex sound layering.

Mastered for Media Authoring Workflows

SoundFellas has strong roots in audio post production and game audio, this is why we master our Production Music libraries so that they can be easily used as assets in more complex audio composites.

Our music tracks are produced and mastered in order to fit well in a mix, together with dialog, ambience, special sound effects, and Foley.

To finalize them we use our unique AuthorNorm™ loudness normalization process, tuned to produce audio assets in the perfect loudness level to be used within media authoring applications with minimum tweaking.

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