Medieval Towns and Villages

Image of medieval towns and villages cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive sound library from the medieval era, recreating everyday life in the Middle Ages. Includes stereo, surround, and ambisonic loops, plus individual elements to create custom ambiences.

Dark Nightmares – Unsettling and Creepy

Image of dark nightmares unsettling and creepy cartridge 600h.

Make your audience feel uneasy and anxious with a nightmarish soundtrack, by using this collection of themed music tracks with an unsettling and creepy character, featuring a very authentic sound.

Laid-Back – Ambient Grooves

Image of laid back ambient grooves cartridge 600h.

Use this soundtrack to drive your audience in a laid-back state of relaxation that helps focus their attention on your story and enjoy the moment.

Bone Breaks and Flesh Tears

Image of bone breaks and flesh tears cartridge 600h.

A collection of wet organic sounds of gore, bone break, flesh tear, stabs, squishes, and more. Give your horror, hack-and-slash, or action project the juicy, impactful, and crunchy sound it needs.

Cinematic Low-Frequency Effects

Image of cinematic low frequency effects cartridge 600h.

This impactful collection includes classic and modern low-frequency effect loops for use on the LFE channel of your production or as extra layers with other sounds for that extra bottom end.

Energy and Force Fields

Image of energy and force fields cartridge 600h.

This sound effects library is full of enough energy-zapping and electricity sizzling to complement anything you make, from complete sci-fi movies to minimal techy puzzle games.

Exterior Doors

Image of exterior doors cartridge 600h.

An extensive and modular collection of sounds from various doors in exterior locations, like gardens, sheds, cottages, phone booths, garages, saloons, and many more.

Fictional Doors and Portals

Image of fictional doors and portals cartridge 600h.

A must-have for game developers, filmmakers, and media creators, this library contains the sounds of extraordinary doors found in fantasy, sci-fi, and hi-tech fiction.

Metal Doors

Image of metal doors cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive collection of sounds from various metallic doors from apartments, rooms, storage areas, towers, jails, elevators, and many more.

Rigid Metal Hits and Movements

Image of rigid metal hits and movements cartridge 600h.

A collection of diverse rigid metal sounds like rattles, hits, and other movements, containing everyday metal objects and more exotic ones, like spring drums, Tibetan singing bowls, and more.

Stone and Rock Friction

Image of stone and rock friction cartridge 600h.

A library of classic sounds of movement and friction between stones, gravel, dust, and debris. Perfect for any stone material Foley from simple oneshots to particle systems of destruction and rubble.

Water Streams and Waves

Image of water streams and waves cartridge 600h.

A collection of lively animated water sound effects, with streams, drops, gurgles, bubbles, waves, and other sounds of flow and water action.

Wooden Doors

Image of wooden doors cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive collection of sounds from various wooden doors of any size from apartments, closets, cupboards, libraries, and many more.