General Troubleshooting

A general troubleshooting guide, featuring some common issues you may encounter and how to work around them.

The topics are presented here as Issues/Solutions. If you don't find what you're looking for, try other articles in this knowledge base or contact our support.

The newly added Location in the Library doesn't show in file browsers


When you add custom locations of external assets in the Library workspace, you might find that they are not shown on the file choosers you open to add files in sources (i.e., loopers or randomizers).


Try to refresh the list on the file chooser/browser.

If that doesn't work, then close and re-open Echotopia.

This should fix it.

Rendering audio files larger than 2 GB


Currently, Echotopia supports the rendering of WAV files up to 2Gb size. If you try to render a larger file, the render dialog will inform you with a warning.


We are planning to expand the rendering capabilities of Echotopia in a future release. For now, you can render multiple files and combine them in an external editor like Audacity or Wavosaur. Two gigabytes are enough for most use scenarios, so if you face this warning on the render dialog, lower the audio file duration you request of the renderer and try again. Then, you can initiate as many renders as you need using the same settings and combine all the rendered files into one long file on an external audio editor.

Library preset manager never hangs on loading


You installed the Core Library on a hard drive or directory that requires administration rights for access (i.e. C:\Program Files).


Install the library on a location that doesn't require special permissions for access.

Show Echotopia the new location of the core Library.

Restart Echotopia.

Randomizer triggering inconsistencies


Sometimes, it seems that the triggering times in the Randomizer sources are not followed exactly.


This is a known issue. It happens because the audio engine calls for the audio file to playback, and - depending on the system - the audio file might take a small amount of time to load and start playback.

In powerful computers with fast storage units and memory, this artifact will be minimized.

We are already working on implementing a solution for that issue.

For now, if you observe such issues in a randomizer, you should experiment with trigger timings to compensate for any delays that might affect the layer's behavior.

In most cases, this issue should not be a problem for your designs. Again, we are actively working on solving this to provide a more robust performance.

I can't find my issue here


You encounter an issue that you cannot find in this troubleshooting guide or elsewhere.


Don't worry, we're here to help.

You can always connect with the SoundFellas team and fellow soundscape designers at our Forums or create a ticket using our Customer Support Portal.

Remember to find and send us the error log file to help us troubleshoot your issue.