Known Issue on Android Smartphones with 21:9 or 19:9 Screen Aspect Ratio

Known issue on Android smartphones that has an ultrawide (Cinemascope) screen ratio of 21:9 or 19:9.

If you cannot get the buttons working and/or you can only access some lists by touching elsewhere on the screen, you are facing this issue because you are on a smartphone that has an ultrawide (Cinemascope) screen ratio of 21:9 or 19:9.

This is a known issue that we mention in the FAQs section of the product page on our website. Read below for possible solutions.

The issue:

On the Android platform and devices with “exotic” screen ratios like 20:9 or 19:9 or other alternative layouts, the app’s interface cannot function properly.

More information about devices with 21:9 screens can be found on Wikipedia.


  1. Some users could change their screen settings and make it work. Some devices offer settings to emulate a normal screen format like 16:9. If you can do that, it's very possible that DMDJ will function properly with no issues whatsoever.
  2. This can be tried on all smartphones that have this option but brought to our attention by some users of the Samsung Galaxy S22. On that device, if you force the app into full-screen mode, DMDJ works fine. To do that you follow this path: Settings >> Display >> Full-Screen Apps, then choose DMDJ and set it as "Full-Screen" instead of "App Default". DMDJ should work fine now. You can try this with any device that offers this setting.
  3. Some other users thought out of the box and just found an older smartphone or tablet with a conventional screen format lying around and used that device with DMDJ.

If you can't find a solution...

If your device doesn't offer the screen settings for compatibility there is not much we can do at the moment. It would be better to get a refund according to the store’s policy unless you have another (more conventional) device to use as a soundboard with DMDJ.

Useful info:

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