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Balance your mixes fast, using sounds normalized with AuthorNorm™, our proprietary sound normalization system. By combining a bionic taxonomy of sound elements with an in-house developed hearing perception curve, we produce audio assets perfect for subtractive mixing workflows that sound natural.

Quality on the technical side

With true peak normalization, you get audio assets that will never sound distorted or produce hidden clipping on the final playback systems that your audience will enjoy them.

Image of Man from the back mixing audio in control room by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash
Image of Adjusting levels on a mixer by Drew Patrick Miller on Unsplash

Subtractive mixing based on human perception

Using audio assets that are normalized to how humans perceive loudness, allow you to mix only by lowering the volume of your channels or groups.

That not only means better control, but way faster tuning of the priorities between the elements of your mix, be it games, film, music or extended reality.

Mixing only by subtracting levels also means that you have more safety against overloading your audio channels.

Products that feature AuthorNorm™

Image of Icon AmbienceAmbience

Combine de-reverberated loops, noise prints and isolated sound elements, to create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments that render accurately on any channel configuration.

Image of Icon Sound FXSound FX

Enrich your projects with impactful sound effects, optimized and ready to drag-and-drop into your projects, featuring multiple types and several variations for each event.

Image of Icon MusicMusic

Use spherical mixed surround tracks to enhance the atmosphere of your project. Easily interchange between them, to effectively alternate between moods.

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