SoundFellas Presents

The Chaniartoon Mystery

Audio Drama Limited Series

The poster of The Chaniartoon Mystery horror audio drama, showing a girl under a blurry veil.

As part of Chaniartoon 2022, SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs presents the audio drama “The Chaniartoon Mystery”, a fantasy story based on the rich history of the city of Chania. Read the official announcement here.

All production was done in the SoundFellas studios, with the latest sound production technologies and special rendering techniques for realistic sound and acoustics of the Echotopia Soundscape Designer, SoundFellas’ soundscape design desktop application.

Based on the characters, story, and screenplay created by Dr. Anna Gioran and Pan Athen from SoundFellas, in “The Chaniartoon Mystery” the listener follows the personal recordings of Evelyn Makis, a building inspector who was invited to check out the facilities of Chaniartoon 2022 without knowing her ancestral history in Chania, Crete and the dark forces she will confront.

Episode 01

Evelyn Makis, a building inspector arrives at the Mikis Theodorakis Theater at Chania/Crete, to inspect the buildings for the upcoming Chaniartoon 2022 festival. 

Episode 02

Evelyn follows a weird stranger that seems to know a lot about her past. They pass across Porta di Sabbionara to arrive at Koum Kapi, but she finds more of a door to the past.

Episode 03

A strange out-of-time neighborhood and an even stranger acquaintance explain to Evelyn what is happening to her and soon to the world.

Release Dates

  • Ep.01 • 05 September 2022 [Released]
  • Ep.02 • 11 September 2022 [Released]
  • Ep.03 • 03 October 2022 [Released]
  • Ep.04 • TBA
  • Ep.05 • TBA

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This audio drama limited series was created to demonstrate our Sound Libraries, the Echotopia Soundscape Designer desktop application, and the innovative technologies and processes we use in our audio production services.


Story and Play
Anna Gioran
Pan Athen

Audio Direction and Mastering
Pan Athen

Sound Design and Post Production
Antonis Koutelias

Characters (in order of appearance)
Martin – Antonis Koutelias
Evelyn Makis – Anna Gioran
Stranger – Pan Athen
Old Man – Thanos Kermitsis
Demon – Anna Gioran
Evelyn’s Dad – Thanos Kermitsis

“The Chaniartoon Mystery” and the Halikutsverse are the intellectual property of Anna Gioran, Pan Athen, and the SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs.

The “Chaniartoon” brand in the feature’s title was used under the permission of the Chaniartoon Festival organization which reserves all rights to the Chaniartoon branding.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

©2022 SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs All Rights Reserved.