This legal agreement regards the official website of SoundFellas (a subdivision of MediaFlake Ltd), with the domain name ( and its sub-domains, and all other affiliated or social channels and distribution networks.

SoundFellas doesn’t target children (people with age of 13 years or lower). We do not offer any products, services or content targeted for use by children, and all our offerings target adults, and are rated and regulated by us and our partner distributors as such.

Nevertheless, the internet is an open ended system and children may have the capability to overcome parental controls (if set by parents or guardians) and access websites, without the consent from their parents or guardians, and most importantly, without providing us the information that they are children, so we can act accordingly and protect their privacy by removing their personal data from our systems.

We want to help you guard your children’s privacy.

We encourage you to talk to your children about safe and responsible use of their personal information while using the internet.

If you are concerned about your children providing SoundFellas any personal information without your consent, please contact us directly.

If you have any question or remarks regarding this agreement or other legal related subjects, please contact us directly.