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Audio Assets Roadmap

Recent releases, current production, future plans.

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Here you can see our roadmap in the form of 3 boxes. The first one shows what is currently done, the second what we are currently working on, and the last third what is coming up in the near future.

Q2 2019
  • All audio asset packs are updated to SFv3 and are available on our store.
  • All audio asset packs are updated to SFv3 and are available on the Unity asset store.
Q3 2019

Development of the next production pipeline, designated SFv4.

Q1 2020
  • Switched our in-house production to our latest SFv4 production pipeline.
Q2 2020
  • Update all Sound FX audio asset packs to SFv4.
  • Update all Music audio asset packs to SFv4.
  • Release of all Megapack bundles.
Q3 2020
  • Update all Ambience audio asset packs to SFv4.
  • Release of ‘Board Games’ Sound FX audio asset pack.
  • Release of ‘Kitchenware’ Sound FX audio asset pack.
  • Release of ‘Research Facilities’ Ambience audio asset pack.

More information

Audio asset production pipeline versioning

When you see ‘SFv3’ or ‘SFv4’ on a product or article, it’s because we use a version system for our audio asset production pipeline. That is necessary because we continuously integrate new technologies and develop innovative processes, to offer exciting new features for our audio assets. You can read more about our audio assets production pipeline.

Audio asset pack versioning

To support changes in industry standards and to introduce new features, we update our audio asset packs when needed. All our customers are eligible for free lifetime updates. That gives our audio packs more value and our customer ease of mind, as they can rest assured, that when the needs of the industry change, they will get an updated contemporary version of the asset packs they own, with no extra cost. From the 1st of January 2020, we started using a year and month version numbering system in the form of YYYY.MM, i.e. an audio asset pack version that is released within June of the year 2020, will be marked as v2020.06. Learn more about our free lifetime updates.

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