Totality Megapack

The ultimate sound design bundle, with a complete set of sound effects, ambience sets and music loops, covering the needs of any project.


Free Starter Megapack

An excellent free bundle of awesome sound effects, ambience sets and music loops, that spark creativity!


Modular Ambience

Combine de-reverberated loops, noise prints and isolated sound elements, to create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments that render accurately on any channel configuration.


Exciting Sound Effects

Enrich your visual events with impactful sound effects, optimized and ready to drag-and-drop into your projects, featuring multiple types and several variations for each effect.


Immersive Music

Use spherical mixed surround tracks to enhance the atmosphere of your project. Easily interchange between them, to effectively alternate between moods.

We create sound libraries and tools, specially designed for games and mixed reality applications.
Easy to use also for traditional media like film, animation and music production.

Our cutting-edge production pipeline allow us to offer AAA quality sounds at 80% lower price than our competitors.

We also offer sound design, mastering, expert review, training and consulting services.

Read some of our client testimonials

Learn why they have chosen SoundFellas as their sound provider.

Part of the reason why I keep making genre films, is the fact that I can rest easy, knowing the sound will never let me down. SoundFellas provides a big variety of high quality samples, making every single idea I might come up with a fully satisfying reality.

John Tzouvelekis
Creative Media Director

We use ambient sounds & SFX from Soundfellas to create our game and animation projects fast. It makes our lives so much easier. Great variety, quality & consistency.

Mariam Kiouri
Creative Director / Urchin New Media

SoundFellas are extremely creative and technically savvy performers and engineers, who fully embrace and understand their craft. This team is made of people that care about what they do, but most of all, they care about the quality of the sound they produce. I would recommend them without the slightest hesitation.

Konstantinos Moutsinas
Line Producer / 1821 Media Group

I have collaborated with SoundFellas in most of my films. The variety, quantity and quality of their sound effects and services have greatly helped to each film’s success.

Thanos Kermitsis
Creative Media Director & CEO / Avalon Productions

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Find the sounds and tools you need for your project. Listen to samples and learn details.


Amaze your audience with immersive soundscapes, compatible with any playback system from stereo to binaural and from Dolby Atmos to Auro-3D, Hamasaki 22.2 or any other spherical audio experience system.


Implement top quality sounds in your productions, designed for modern media and applications. Ready to drag-and-drop into your project, designed for procedural use and rapid prototype and development workflows.


Use inspiring music in your games, films or interactive projects and grant the perfect mood to your projects. All assets are provided in stereo, binaural and surround formats for instant integration and compatibility with any immersive audio playback system.


Speed up your productivity and cut development time, using tools developed by sound design and game production industry veterans. We democratize technologies and highly productive workflows once available only to big companies.

Meet SoundFellas

Geeks of sound design, software engineering and media production.

Panagiotis Kouvelis
Lead Sound Designer & Art Fabricator
Manolis Benetos
Computer Scientist & Senior Music Producer
Antonis Koutelias
Lead Producer & Senior Sound Designer
Joanna Marinakou
Ideation & Creative Communication
Adamantia Klonari
Senior Sound Designer
Manos Psaridis
Junior Sound Designer

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