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Sound Design

We offer professional sound design services fit for any pipeline and workflow.

Conceptual design, organic or synthetic sound development, object oriented and non-destructive workflows, timeless designs that are unique for your project and implemmentation for any type of interaction, linear or interactive.

Game Audio, Film Sound, Embedded Devices or Proprietary Projects. Get great sound easily with SoundFellas.

Adaptive Music

Dynamic Music that adapts with your Game’s narrative and action, easily implemented in any middleware, commercial or proprietary.

Be it Horizontal Re-Sequencing or Vertical Re-Orchestration or a hybrid model in Fmod, Wwise, Fabric or any other framework.

Let’s discuss about how Deterministic, Stochastic or Random your players experience should be from the music in your game.


Mastering for modern media is not an easy job, dozens of platforms, a multitude of formats and a gazillion devices.

The Internet of Things, Objects Enchanted with Technology, Cross-Media and the everchanging scene of the Creative Industries are in need of consistent aural experiences.

We use proprietary tools and techniques, to provide you with mastering services tuned for modern playback platforms, alligned with industry standards that always follow your projects main idea.

Research & Development

Are you in need of research and development regarding the audio aspect of your next project? We can help.

Our team consists of industry veterans, artists, technology freaks and scientists, ready to undertake any project from its birth spark to the end product and beyond.

We provide solid R&D services and are able to adapt to any development sceme your team uses.


You have the idea but need the knowledge? Let the experts help you.

We provide consulting services to help you kickstart your project in an advanced state from the beginning.

Save time and get ahead of the competition easily and avoid common pitfalls by getting solid advice from industry experts.

More Services

Ideas and creativity don’t always come in pre-arranged forms.

We are always happy to be part of great new projects, amazing ideas and do our part in any way possible.

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