Medieval Towns and Villages

Image of medieval towns and villages cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive sound library from the medieval era, recreating everyday life in the Middle Ages. Includes stereo, surround, and ambisonic loops, plus individual elements to create custom ambiences.

Dark Nightmares – Unsettling and Creepy

Image of dark nightmares unsettling and creepy cartridge 600h.

Make your audience feel uneasy and anxious with a nightmarish soundtrack, by using this collection of themed music tracks with an unsettling and creepy character, featuring a very authentic sound.

Laid-Back – Ambient Grooves

Image of laid back ambient grooves cartridge 600h.

Use this soundtrack to drive your audience in a laid-back state of relaxation that helps focus their attention on your story and enjoy the moment.

Board and Card Games

Image of board and card games cartridge 600h.

This is the most comprehensive collection of board and card game sounds in the world. This library contains sounds from any type, object, and material found in board and card games.

Bone Breaks and Flesh Tears

Image of bone breaks and flesh tears cartridge 600h.

A collection of wet organic sounds of gore, bone breaks, flesh tears, hits, stabs, squishes, and other sounds of carnage and butchery.

Cinematic Low-Frequency Effects

Image of cinematic low frequency effects cartridge 600h.

This collection includes some of the most iconic low-frequency effect loops, plus some more contemporary designs. Use this collection to create a thrilling experience adding anticipation and boosting suspense, or drive your adrenaline-driven action scenes.

Energy and Force Fields

Image of energy and force fields cartridge 600h.

This sound effects collection is full of enough energy-zapping and electricity sizzling to complement anything you make, from full of effects sci-fi movies to minimal techy puzzle games.

Exterior Doors

Image of exterior doors cartridge 600h.

An extensive collection of sounds from various doors you find in exterior locations. Door types include gardens, sheds, cottages, phone booths, garages, saloons, and many more.

Fictional Doors and Portals

Image of fictional doors and portals cartridge 600h.

This library contains the sounds of fictional doors that you can’t find in the real world, and it’s a must-have for any filmmaker or game creator. You get extraordinary types of doors like nanowalls, portals, vaults, bio-walls, castles, catacombs, crypts, and more.


Image of kitchenware cartridge 600h.

This collection features a vast amount of sounds from kitchenware, all isolated and trimmed so that you can easily drag-and-drop them in your projects and achieve instant sync with your visuals.

Laboratory Equipment

Image of laboratory equipment cartridge 600h.

This is a massive collection of Foley sounds from laboratory equipment handled by researchers. From liquid nitrogen canisters and pipettes to Petri dishes, timers, and freezers, we got it all.

Machine Components

Image of machine components cartridge 600h.

Give life to all the machines of your game levels or movie scenes, with a large number of variations for each type of event, for that unique but distinctive sound of the machines.

Metal Doors

Image of metal doors cartridge 600h.

A collection of metallic door sounds of every size. Door types include apartment, room, storage, screen, tower, jail, elevator, and many more.

Retro Videogames Synthesized

Image of retro videogames synthesized cartridge 600h.

An iconic sound effects collection of old-school retro videogame sounds, with unique emulations of vintage gaming platform styles.

Rigid Metal Hits and Movements

Image of rigid metal hits and movements cartridge 600h.

In this library, you get a vast collection of rigid metal sounds to use as Foley, user interface elements, pinball sounds, or layer them to create your designs.

Stone and Rock Friction

Image of stone and rock friction cartridge 600h.

We have here for you, a collection of sounds from the collision and movement between stones, gravel, dust, and debris.

Vehicle and Transportation Doors

Image of vehicle and transportation doors cartridge 600h.

A collection of door sounds from vehicles and transportation. Door types include cars, jeeps, trains, buses, trucks, and many more.

Water Streams and Waves

Image of water streams and waves cartridge 600h.

A collection of water sound effects, with streams, drops, gurgles, bubbles, waves, and other sounds of flow and water action.

Wooden Doors

Image of wooden doors cartridge 600h.

A collection of wooden door sounds of every size. Door types include apartment, room, closet, cupboard, library, folding, and more.

Real Buttons, Knobs, and Switches

Image of real buttons knobs and switches cartridge 600h.

A comprehensive library of sampled sounds of buttons, knobs, and switches of any kind from everyday objects we find around us, like audio amplifiers, camera tripods, phones, electric pianos, ovens, camera parts, flashlights, elevators, hard drives, bicycles, boilers, and more.