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Release v0.19.2



  • Library/Presets: When you edit a preset you can also save a preset using “Save As”.
  • Library/Presets: In the preset’s list now you can also duplicate a preset.
  • Scene/Editor: Now you can also save a scene using “Save As”.
  • Project/Scenes: Now you can duplicate a scene from the scenes’ list (hover to reveal the button).
  • Everywhere: Auto-highlight input field on focus to enable easy value entering.
  • Layer Instruments: Autofocus on layer instrument name when adding a new looper or randomizer.


  • Library/Presets: Preset can now be renamed from the preset’s editor.
  • Scene/Editor: You can now rename the scene directly from the editor screen.


  • Added: New and exciting features.
  • Improved: Features already working that got improved.
  • Changed: Changes in functionality.
  • Deprecated: Features soon to be removed.
  • Removed: Features that got removed.
  • Fixed: Bugs got found and kindly removed.
  • Security: Fixes in case of vulnerabilities.
  • Notes: Extra notes for the users.

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