Release v0.19.0


In this release, we focused on quality-of-life improvements for those working with a lot of areas on the map. Now you can do more faster by saving a map area directly to your library as a preset and later recalling that preset directly from the area inspector.

New menus are added both in the inspector (kebab) and on the area itself (right-click) giving access to common actions.

We now have an optimized (and super fast) way to present huge lists of files in folders for media-rich creators.

Lastly, some inconsistencies found in the user flow and graphical interface were fixed to make the user experience smoother.

Enjoy a more functional, productive, and optimized Echotopia.


  • Save area as library preset. Now you can save an area you made on your scene as a preset in the library to use in your projects.
  • Replace area content with library preset. You can replace a scene area’s content and content settings using a preset from the library, directly from the inspector.
  • New kebab menu (three-dots icon) for the area inspector, offering all basic area actions.
  • New context menu by right-clicking on the actual area on the map, offering basic actions.


  • Huge optimization for all folder views. Now you can browse folders containing thousands of files, fast and efficiently.


  • When opening a scene for the first time the editor workspace icon was appearing unselected.
  • When opening the asset manager, wait for the user to select the media type first (maps, audio, impulse responses) and then display the selected root’s content. That way the user cannot misunderstand which folder is accessed.
  • Alphabetical ordering of the library locations' list on add files modal (maps, audio, and impulse responses).
  • On the live workspace, the scene switcher's drop-down list had a transparent scrollbar background.


  • Added: New and exciting features.
  • Improved: Features already working that got improved.
  • Changed: Changes in functionality.
  • Deprecated: Features soon to be removed.
  • Removed: Features that got removed.
  • Fixed: Bugs got found and kindly removed.
  • Security: Fixes in case of vulnerabilities.
  • Notes: Extra notes for the users.

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