Release v0.17.5



  • Selected area enhancements.
  • Import automatically related metafiles (image, text), when importing impulse response to project.
  • Style file selector(adding files) modal.
  • Set missing tooltips on buttons.
  • Show import path on file importer modal.
  • "Open project" action redirects to Project > Scenes tab.


  • Disable the import button, while there is no file selected to be imported.
  • Remove decimals from the fade zone.


  • Added: New and exciting features.
  • Improved: Features already working that got improved.
  • Changed: Changes in functionality.
  • Deprecated: Features soon to be removed.
  • Removed: Features that got removed.
  • Fixed: Bugs got found and kindly removed.
  • Security: Fixes in case of vulnerabilities.
  • Notes: Extra notes for the users.

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