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With the help of machine learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge statistical analysis we combined all the sounds in the world to create the Ultimate Sound Sample. This is the only sound file you will ever need and we give it for free!

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Innovation comes in small steps but once in a while, a huge improvement over the past brings a significant disruption in a field.

For the past 11 years, here at the SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, we captured and synthesized a vast amount of sounds to create our sound libraries.

But we always felt that something was missing.

The problem

Although perfectly happy about our products, our customers always asked for more content, more kinds of sound.

It seemed that whatever we did to create sound libraries, from recording ambience to composing music and sound effects, was never enough. The need for new sounds was omnipresent and demanding.

We started to doubt ourselves as designers and producers. Was it our fault that the needs of the creators could not be satisfied?

It was time to go back to the drawing board and rethink our whole existence as audio content providers.

The light in the dark

The speck of genius that ignited our innovative transition was the realization that all audio-related projects were always created with an additive workflow. The producer or sound designer would record or acquire various samples to create a composite of the final piece of work, just like acquiring and using the various materials to build a house.

While this was good, it was a tedious process… We could do better.

When asked about the difficulties that he must have encountered in sculpting his masterpiece “David”, the brilliant Renaissance artist Michelangelo replied “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

And there it was, the archaic image of the ingenious sculptor, the idea that you can take a monolithic piece of material and carve out all the pieces that you don’t need, leaving you in the end with the final result which would perfectly serve the design intent.

It was the small dot of light in the dark that would guide us to the new era of audio content providing.

We only needed to define that perfect monolithic sound file that any sound designer or creator would use - together with a subtractive workflow - to carve out to create any sound in the universe. This sound should allow the designer to create any form, any timbre. It was a difficult task, but this time humanity had science on its back

Materials and methods

To create something so holistic we needed to understand the holistic nature of sound in nature. So we gathered all the recorded sounds we could get our hands on, from music tracks to Foley and from sound effects to ambience loops.

Then we analyzed the frequency content and the level envelope of each and every recording and created a huge database of all the data we collected.

A waveform of a sound signal over time with various points marked where the peak at each sample is located.
Simple sound analysis is not enough, one needs to take advantage of various sectors of science like statistical analysis, and use tools like machine learning and neural networks to extract meaning from a collection of a vast amount of data series.

With the help of machine learning, we created and trained specialized neural networking algorithms to use as an artificial intelligence tool, to help us define the characteristics of the Ultimate Sound Sample.

In the end, we used statistical analysis to normalize all the final data points so our end result would be completely holistic in nature.

The characteristics of the Ultimate Sound Sample are simple as it is with a monolithic piece of solid stone. It only needs your vision and talent to take the form of any sound you dreamt of.

The Ultimate Sound Sample

So here it is, the Ultimate Sound Sample. The only audio file that you will ever need. And we are offering it for free, our gift to the amazing creators around the world, as a token of appreciation for the work they do to give us beautiful stories and music and videogames and everything that show us just a little bit of how awesome life can be, so we don’t disappear in the darkness.

A zoomed out waveform of a sound in a timeline.
The waveform of the Ultimate Sound Sample. In this time-domain representation of the audio signal, you can already see the potential of creating any kind of sound you ever dreamt of.

Get the Ultimate Sound Sample

To get the sound file click the link below (BE BRAVE):

The Ultimate Sound Sample - The Only Sound File You Will Ever Need

Audio file specs:

  • 10 sec seamless loop
  • 96 kHz
  • 32 bit floating-point
  • -6 dB true-peak
  • Wave file (PCM)

Proposed workflows

To create any sound you ever dreamt of using our Ultimate Sound Sample, you can follow our proposed workflow. Of course, this is just a proposition and you can work your way to your dream sound any way you like.

"It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David." - Michelangelo

A spectrogram showing the same amount of energy over time on all frequencies.
As you can see in this spectrogram, the Ultimate Sound Sample is a monolithic audio file that contains all the frequency content from a vast amount of sound recordings all normalized. It only needs your talent and imagination to become any sound you like.

Here are some of our favorite recipes for some common cases of sound creation.

Simple sound effects and Foley

  1. Set the final duration by cutting or looping the USSTOSYWEN (Ultimate Sound Sample The Only Sound You Will Ever Need).
  2. Set the main envelope of the level of the sound over time. You can use a reference on a nearby track to create similar behavior.
  3. Cut any bands of the frequency spectrum that you don’t need at all during the complete duration of the sound.
  4. Separate the remaining sound into different bands according to the behavior you want to simulate over time.
  5. Create the smaller level envelopes to define the animation of the level of each smaller band over time.
  6. Create more nuances using automated equalizers.
  7. Sum all difference bands and finalize using volume and frequency content altering tools with automation.

More complex sounds

  1. Use the steps of the recipe above to create the basic sound, but before you finalize add some more steps.
  2. Transform any band you need from noisy to tonal using pitch followers and/or re-synthesis.
  3. Add more harmonics using distortion and harmonizing to any bands you like.
  4. Finalize like in the previous recipe.
A medium zoomed waveform of an audio signal over time.
By taking out the parts you don't need you can create the perfect sound you imagined.

Music and ambience soundscapes

  1. Use the two recipes above to create the individual sounds your composition needs.
  2. Load your creations to a sampler or as sources to a synthesizer for more processing.
  3. Create the behavior that your instruments should have to serve your artistic expression and link them with the physical instruments and/or controllers used to perform your art.
  4. Layer all your instruments together and produce with classic music production workflows, to achieve the end result.

Immersive and multichannel

Do you create audio content for music? How about games and film, or animation and virtual reality. Then you probably need stereo or multichannel formats to create an immersive experience for your audience. We got you covered, the USSTOSYWEN is perfect for precise spatialization or any other immersive audio needs your project has.

  1. Create a project using the channels your end format needs. Some possible channel configurations could be 2 for stereo, 6 for 5.1 surround, 10 channels for surround with height, 16 channels for 3rd order ambisonics, and so on.
  2. Copy the USSTOSYWEN to each channel.
  3. Use the steps described in the three first recipes to materialize your vision, this time in immersive multichannel formats.
A plot of a frequency analysis showing equal energy over all bands.
With an AI-based normalized power distribution over all frequency bands, the Ultimate Sound Sample is the best starting point if you want to create immersive sound experiences. Your spatial sound compositions will be perceived as true 3D because of the psychoacoustic effect of high frequency content in the localization abilities of the listener.

A new era

Starting from the Ultimate Sound Sample, the best monolithic sound file ever produced, and using a subtractive workflow, everything is possible, even sounds that don't exist or sounds that morph through time.

A diagram showing spectrograms of various sound recordings used in games, film, and music production in comparison with a spectrogram showing all frequencies having the same energy over time.
Here are some examples of sounds created using a subtractive workflow, all using the Ultimate Sound Sample as a start. Clockwise from the top right corner: A footstep, a snare drum hit, a gunshot, human speech, and a dragon's roar.

This is a new era for creators of every sector and we cannot wait to see what our disruptive content will empower you to create. This is only the beginning!

SoundFellas wishes you a Happy April Fool’s Day!

We really hoped that you enjoyed our little prank as much as we enjoyed making it.

It’s true that you can create any sound from a simple white noise loop, and it is something that you should do for fun and learning, but it will probably take you forever to create any usable content.

This is why we design and produce royalty-free sound libraries for professional creators who want the best sound for their projects but want to focus on what they do best. Check out our vast collection of royalty-free sound libraries to find all the sounds you need. With our new prices tuned for amateurs and indies that take their work seriously and our innovative production process, those are not your average sound libraries.

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Have a creative and awesome month!

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