Checklists are a common tool used throughout the production process, to help designers and creators think through their product’s features.

At SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, we believe that data-driven design, backed up with well-educated human intuition, can make all the difference in the final result. Over the years, as part of our game audio design activities, we developed our own heuristic checklists.

In this article we offer a quick list of the topics and a high resolution poster that you can download and print. This poster includes the top seven validations related with the perceived quality of the videogame and is related with audio.

Image of game audio perceived quality checklist 428w 600h

The poster is offered as a high resolution and ready to print digital download in PDF format.

This is very useful especially if you are a student, an indie game developer with small experience in audio, or a game designer/producer that wants to include sound in the bigger picture.

Due to our deep studies and years of expertise we know how an indie game that lacks nothing in quality in terms of graphics, story-telling and sound compared to a AAA game can become a fully successful production. The key lies in connecting sound with all other components of your game properly, thereby increasing the perceived quality of your product.

The topics in this checklist are:

  • Animation interconnection
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Storytelling through reverberation
  • Cross-platform sound testing
  • Audio-only experience
  • Aural Grouping
  • No digital silence

If you want to find out how to increase the quality of your game without changing the character you worked so hard giving it, check out our poster!

Use it to spark conversation between stakeholders, as a best practices reminder, or as a simple checklist to be included in your own heuristic methods.

You can also use it as decoration for your creative space, meeting room or classroom walls.

Where to find it?

Just head to our Posters section of our Literature catalog and get it for free!

You probably have your own checklists that help keep your day-to-day quality standards high. You can use this one, for your game audio quality control workflows, or as a reference for discussion between your colleagues.