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This blog category hosts articles with topics in the fields of experiential audio, sound installations, architectural sound augmentation, audio-enhanced storytelling, and virtual sound worlds.

Experiential Audio

How to Choose Speakers for Your Game Room without Breaking the Bank

Setting up your game room is a great adventure by itself. By incorporating audio into the experience you can create a truly immersive play area. To help you choose which speakers to choose to playback your RPG music or any other material we classified their relevant properties and propose the types most likely to provide the best experience for your DnD sessions, without breaking your bank.

Sound Design

AMA Live Session: Soundscape Design with Pan Athen on YouTube

In this live ask-me-anything session, our chief sound designer and audio expert Pan Athen will answer everything you need to know about soundscape design for games, film, storytelling, the metaverse, and beyond. Post your questions and join the live event to be part of the conversation.