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Quality and ergonomics

High quality, ready-to-use files, organized in the best manner possible.

Editing for optimization and aesthetics

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Precise trimming and smoothing

We trim our sounds down to the millisecond, to give you only the part that you need.

Precision in trimming means you can expect perfect audiovisual sync in your projects, and only tweak to fit your aesthetics.

Custom side smoothing (aka heads and tails fading) each sample, ensures artifact-free sound that evolves beautifully in time.

Seamless looping with overlaps

Looping errors (those evil ‘click’ artifacts) happen when the sound is converted from digital to analog. That sadly means that, even when you don’t hear the click in your workstation, it may appear at playback anywhere.

To keep this nasty error under control, we use a similar technique that graphic texture artists use, when they edit their textures so that they are tillable. We clone the audio items and we create a seamless loop by overlapping its clones on each end, and cropping the loop to the intersection of the cross-fades.

You just loop them forever in your game, or drag the edge and extend them freely in music, film, and animation projects.

Image of Seamless overlap looping 640w 360h

Ergonomics as creativity boosters

Single samples

Individual files for every sound event.

  • Instantly drag and drop
  • Easily replace
  • Directly call with code

Focus in your ideas and not on cutting samples with arbitrary editors with questionable render quality.

File organization based on design elements

We make it super easy to browse our audio assets, recognize and find the perfect sound.

  • No more than 3 levels of file hierarchy, to be in parity with human intuition.
  • Filenames using the primary, secondary, and tertiary elements of design.
Image of Organization based on intuitiveness and design theory 640w 360h
Image of Sound event organization table 640w 360h

Filename enumeration that makes sense

  • When a sound object has many different types, like samples from 3 different laser canon styles, we use simple alphabetical capital letters.
  • When each different type has variable sound, we use 2-digits incremental numbering.

For game creators

  • Directly import the sounds into a random playlist container.
  • Create randomized sound events for your game’s events, animations, and particle simulations.
  • Perfect for the procedural logic that game’s behavior is based on.
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Image of Single samples import in Resolve 640w 360h

For filmmakers

Align your visuals with audio fast.

Focus on the cadence of your edits, trimming sound in video timelines is not the way to do it anyway.

And if you want to later replace special sound effects, Foley, loops, or music, you can still do it without loosing any sync with the picture.

For audio engineers and post

Audio engineers know more than anyone, that providing many sounds in one file is just lazy, and to re-package laziness into a production feature is at least a white lie.

Using separate samples with intuitive filenaming can really make a difference when you work on huge sound design projects that demand changing the sound sources to serve the creative vision.

Image of Single samples in Reaper 640w 360h
Image of Single samples in Battery 640w 360h

For music producers

There is better way to create your own signature sound, than using original samples to drive your instruments, be it synths or samplers.

You want more? Try vocoding with them or using them as impulses in convolution effects with your voice or lead instruments.

But out of all, the most obvious and easy to do when you have single-shot samples? Create original bone-crushing beats using your favorite drum sample.

Tech specs for the geeks

Image of First class acquisition 640w 360h

Outstanding acquisition

We capture sound at 96 KHz / 32-bit files using professional grade equipment.

We save all our recordings to featuring 32-bit IEEE floating point for our acquisition and intermediate files.

We follow the industry standard ITU RF64 raw PCM broadcast wave file containers, designed for high-end professional sound production.

First-class production pipeline

Our pipeline is build with hardware and software that utilize 64-bit floating point calculations end-to-end. It is the equivalent of using raw camera sensor data on images of many megapixels.

We keep our creative sound design pipeline, under -12 dBfsTP, so until we finalize the sounds for delivery, we are safe from digital clipping and nasty distortions, no matter how hard we mangle the audio to design the sounds.

Apart from giving us power to manipulate our sounds to extremes without sacrificing quality or creativity, what you get are crystal-clear sounding content of high dynamic range.

Image of Superior production pipeline 640w 360h
Image of Data integrity 640w 360h

Impeccable data integrity

Corrupted sound files are discovered at the worst time, when importing or even worst, at the hands of your audience.

To protect every bit of our files, we use SHA-256 checksum at all our file operations. From the capture stage and all the way through production and even the cloud storage we use to deliver them to you.

And whatever happens to your storage system, you can always login to your account at SoundFellas and download your purchases again.

You don’t have to worry about corrupted files ever again.

Superior final rendering

Anti-aliasing with internal rendering resolution of up to 98304 KHz if needed, and conversion to 24-bit using Gaussian dither noise, with a psychoacoustically weighted dynamic filter that adapts to the content of the audio.

Our audio assets are finalized to 96 KHz / 24-bit raw PCM wave files. This is the perfect resolution to allow further creative manipulation without compromising compatibility with your tools, or additional converting within your workflow.

Apart from the numbers, what we achieved with our scientific precision is to offer you sounds with high contrast between the foreground and background features, not over-compressed, with enhanced detail on spectral nuances.

Image of Outstanding final rendering 640w 360h

Quality and ergonomics live at the heart of our sounds

Image of Icon AmbienceAmbience

Combine de-reverberated loops, noise prints and isolated sound elements, to create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments that render accurately on any channel configuration.

Image of Icon Sound FXSound FX

Enrich your projects with impactful sound effects, optimized and ready to drag-and-drop into your projects, featuring multiple types and several variations for each event.

Image of Icon MusicMusic

Use spherical mixed surround tracks to enhance the atmosphere of your project. Easily interchange between them, to effectively alternate between moods.

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