Audio Assets

Some of our sounds are not unique, but ALL of them are UNIQUELY MADE.
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FREE Starter Megapack

An excellent free bundle of dynamic ambience sets, optimized sound effects, and soundtrack music loops, to get you started with the sound of your project. A great way to discover our next-gen audio assets and try them in your workflow.

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Megapacks are our super-bundles that combine specific audio asset packs together, and are tailored for specific types of projects, or contain all audio asset packs from a category.

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Create your own dynamic and procedural acoustic environment compositions. Combine de-reverberated loops, noise prints and isolated sound elements, to create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments that render accurately on any channel configuration.

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Sound FX

Enrich your projects with impactful sound effects, optimized and ready to drag-and-drop into your projects, featuring multiple types and several variations for each event.

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Create variation and drama to your project in an immersive way. Use spherical mixed surround tracks to enhance the atmosphere of your project. Easily interchange between them, to effectively alternate between moods.