Our Values

Hard work

Hard work in the service of the customer. We work and study hard to create products and solutions that our beloved customers will use to stand out. We want to help you show the world how unique you are through your creations.

Craftsmanship over exhibitionism

We don't use "audio engineering porn" (pictures of over-priced studios and equipment) to convey our message of quality. The quality of an outcome comes directly from the person that uses the tools and not the other way around. Also known as the GIGO principle in computer science, garbage in = garbage out.

Science over dogma

Deep knowledge of a subject comes not only from hard work, but also from the way one works. We approach our knowledge acquisition with the scientific method and not by adhering to any dogma. The result is a carefully developed production pipeline and toolset that give our products and services their competitive edge.

Ethical production

We don't run an audio production sweatshop, using interns to lower our prices. We don't wait for projects to end their life-cycle to re-package them as professional sound libraries and name-drop the projects that was used, to force the impulsive buyer within you.

People to people relations

We love interacting with everybody, developing close relations that elevate us and empower our customers. See for your self, just contact us and say hi. 🙂

Building evergreen collaborations

We develop our professional relations through transparency and trust. Our collaborators and our business partners are also our friends. We build everlasting fellowships that withstand time and space barriers.

Giving back

Nobody came to be somebody alone. Giving back is at the backbone of our well being. Physical things or intangibles, we love giving back to each other, to society and to the ecosystem. As we gain and learn we also share and teach, it's the never-ending cycle of progress and self-actualization.

About SoundFellas

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