Story goes like this, after many years working as contractors for the sound design and game audio sectors of the creative media industries, a team of highly motivated people who wanted to do things their way, decide to start a royalty-free audio content publishing label.

And that is how SoundFellas was born. With a fresh vision of a publishing label that acts on the royalty-free market, but with a highly artistic vision. We are not going to be yet another stock sound retailer, our vision specifies unique products of high fidelity, produced with the modern game development and film production workflows in mind, by using state of the art industry workflows and specifications. Our mission is to create audio content, tools and technologies that will always be fast and easy to integrate into any digital media production pipeline.

Our team is a fusion of sound artists and interactive and linear media developers. Within the core lies a strong research and development department that fuels its products. By collaborating with artists and talents from all over the world, we create complete products that will always be a valuable asset in any creative project.

We will distribute our products from our own channel here at and also through various prestigious digital channels and retailers.

So, go on, browse our website, find the products you like or the services that you need and let’s have fun creating beautiful stuff!

About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis is a sound designer and audio engineer, with expertise on acoustic soundscapes applied to immersion in digital interactions and game audio. He is also experienced in music production, teaching, instructional design and project management.