Achieve true cross-platform audio compatibility in any popular device and playback scenario.

Get easy game audio quality assurance for target gaming devices, from within Unity. Tune the sound of your game and ensure it will have awesome sound in any device.

SoundCheck is intended for projects where multi-platform compatibility is required. The real-time nature of quality assurance that SoundCheck provides, offers a major productivity boost for any game/simulation project.

Stop guessing how your game is going to sound!

Instant Download: $30
Device Emulations
Damping Types
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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a process that every production should feature in every step of the development process. In sound its often forgotten. Reinvent your workflow with this superb, fast and accurate quality assurance tool.

Deep Research

This product is the result of years of research in the field of interactive audio and digital entertainment technologies. By providing a product based on solid principles, we supply you with timeless quality.

Workflow Strengthening

Strengthen your workflow and achieve better results with less hassle in a trouble free, non-destructive environment. This product is compatible with industry standard workflows and pipelines.

Time Saving

Deliver faster and save time to use on more creative tasks. This product was designed and developed in order to save time and budget in any production, from the simple indie studio workflow to the industry giant publisher.

Simulate the audio playback characteristics of various gaming devices from within the game editor!



SoundCheck is a groundbreaking plug-in for the post-production and mixing control of game audio, from within the game editor.

Combining precision and creative flexibility, it can simulate the audio playback characteristics of various device types, commonly found in a gaming or interactive entertainment environment.

In our modern competitive era, which is also rich in platforms and ever-growing with devices, the need to be able to fine-tune your project’s audio playback, is crucial not only to the success of the product, but to the branding and commercial recognition it required to stay on top of the competition.

Achieve Perfection in an ever-changing field!

Modelling of the various devices is achieved by fusing the performance characteristics of each device type, with the generic characteristics of its class (i.e. phone, mobile, livingroom, etc) and then adding extra elements like variable-listening-angle normalization and damping influence.

SoundCheck is also applying algorithms that extend and adapt these characteristics in harmony with the way the human ear perceives sound naturally, without adding any artificial reverberation and by maintaining the original character of the device.



Follow the Evolution

The need to evolve your quality assurance workflows is not only present in games. As digital storytelling and interactive entertainment evolves, the need for solid audio experience in many parallel platforms grows.

We are already witnessing a development in educational entertainment, games for advertising, serious games and applications and multiplatform applications for cross-media.

As we grow the need grows, and SoundCheck is here to offer the opportunity to any game developer or interactive entertainment producer, to feature a balanced audio performance in his/her products on any platform and any device.

Stop guessing how your game is going to sound!

Instant Download: $30

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