Give inanimate life to your industrial district, dystopic metropolis, mad scientist lab, top secret facility or starcruiser halls and power core.

This unique library will help you build amazing imaginary or mundane industrial (and not only) soundscapes.
The way you use the sounds is up to you.

The Factory combines quality and quantity and ease of use with diversity. With dozens of moaning, droning and cranking heavy machinery, this collection can be the soundtrack of more than just a very noisy industrial workplace.

Create the perfect atmosphere now!

Instant Download: $130.00
Separated Elements
Extracted Noise Prints

VR Ready

This product was made with Virtual Reality in mind and it's compatible with all Virtual Reality production pipelines and technologies.

True 3D Sound

Extra Tonal and Noisy parts of the material are extracted and provided. Achieve full immersion in your Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D Sound, Surround, Binaural or Full Stereo productions.

Perfect Looping

Extensive editing to ensure perfect looping of the material. All loops are tested through various Digital-to-Analog Converters for compliance and smooth non-stop playback.

Multi-Platform Mastering

Mastered with the multi-platform development in mind. Communicate aesthetics in any platform and avoid breaking the mood of your production in difficult and mobile platforms.

More Features

feature-icon-diamond-smallHigh Quality

All production pipeline is of the highest quality. Our timeless designed non-destructive workflows, based on scientific principles and industry standards, ensure a product of the highest quality and timeless form.

feature-icon-high-definition-smallHigh Definition

All material is provided in pristine high fidelity files of 96KHz/24bit PCM format. Our production pipeline follows the best industry practices to provide high quality output.

feature-icon-time-smallTime Saving

Deliver faster and save time to use on more creative tasks. This product was designed and developed in order to save time and budget in any production, from the simple indie studio workflow to the industry giant publisher.

feature-icon-gamepad-smallMade for Games

Game development specific design ensures the best workflow, from idea to implementation to production to end result. Content is organized for game development workflows.

feature-icon-waveform-smallPerceived Loudness Normalisation

The perceived loudness of the material is conformed when needed with the latest industry standards, providing easy drag & drop usability, compatibility with the way humans perceive sound loudness and easiness of mixing in your production.

feature-icon-brain-smallPsychoacoustic Enhancement

By separating the audio content into sub-groups and tweaking their psychoacoustic properties in a way that differentiates and aligns each group’s sound, we can create uniquely significant events, while overall maintaining a smooth consistency.

feature-icon-microscope-smallDeep Research

This product is the result of years of research in the field of interactive audio and digital entertainment technologies. By providing a product based on solid principles, we supply you with timeless quality.

feature-icon-cogs-smallWorkflow Strengthening

Strengthen your workflow and achieve better results with less hassle in a trouble free, non-destructive environment. This product is compatible with industry standard workflows and pipelines.

Real recordings of a multitude of industrial sites!


Usage Suggestions

Creators of contemporary or futuristic films, FPS, RPGs, survival horror and more, would definitely benefit having the Factory in their creative arsenal.

Create Sci-fi robots, ancient technology, secret labs, futuristic prisons and anything that might be your point of interest, can be leveled up using an arsenal of sounds coming from all kinds of industrial places and equipment.

Stereo Loops, Noise Prints and Isolated Elements are provided


Total duration of the material is more than 4 hours

Pristine high fidelity files of 96KHz/24bit PCM format


Create the perfect atmosphere now!

Instant Download: $130.00

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