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Retro SFX Reloaded

“Retro SFX Reloaded” is a meticulously edited and archived vintage sound effects collection. A must have for all “nostalgeek” developers everywhere. Easily create that unforgettable retro-gaming aesthetic that your players will love. Set the bar high, using sounds made in old-school analog studio equipment. Spice things up, giving a vintage sound to your game no digital machine can replicate and get even more with 3 additional versions included for each effect, emulated from past popular gaming platforms, plus all content also rendered in 8-bit files using high precision converters.

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Design your game's audio behaviors, by using modular audio content, edited and exported specifically for use in interactive audio designs.
Use sounds that are meticulously edited to optimized standards of elegance, used in the professional game industry.
Drag-drop-and-mix sounds fast and intuitively in your game. We mastered and rendered our sounds with loudness consistency per collection character, so you achieve a naturally sounding game within seconds.
Grant your game crystal clear audio quality, with no noise and perfectly edited samples.
Deliver consistent experiences in any platform, with audio mastered to sound perfect in any playback scenario. From commercial to proprietary and from handhelds to stadiums.


  • Pristine highly optimized files of 44.1KHz/16bit and 8KHz/8bit lossless PCM wave formats
  • Emulated through 3 additional famous gaming platforms
  • Extra lo-fi convertion through cutting edge converters (best 8-bit you can get)
  • Content organized for easy implementation
  • Files named logically and consistently
Sound Effects
Classic Sound Categories
Extra Lo-Fi Renders

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