Release Notes

v3.0 – 03 December 2018

This release brings compatibility with the latest immersive audio developments, especially for mixed reality and user interface on embedded platforms. From virtual reality to augmented reality and beyond, loudness and content is re-mastered to comply with the latest development standards for future-proof compatibility and ease of use in production environments.

  • Re-mastered according to our latest research findings for perceived loudness measurements in extremely short sound duration, allowing for true subtractive mixing no matter the platform and playback scenario.
  • Frequency response is better now, due to advancements in resolution converting algorithms. We processed the sounds again for the emulated and low fidelity versions, to take advantage of the technology evolution.

v2.0 – 25 November 2017

This release brings more styles of retro sounding goodness, with extra emulated gaming equipment and an extra version of all sounds (and emulated versions) to an extremely low-fidelity format, but made with high-end algorithms to give you the best of both words.

New features
  • Added new versions of all sounds through emulation of popular vintage gaming hardware, for that retro sound:
    1. Arcade cabinet.
    2. Handheld console.
    3. Old computer on-board speaker.
  • Added a high quality converted extreme lo-fi rendered version of all sounds, even the emulated ones, in order to support quality playback in scenarios of truly optimized retro games (or use because you like the sound style).
  • Mastered with the latest perceived loudness industry standards, for faster implementation/mixing in your production.
  • Removed game specific optimized formats as game engines have now updated importers and users can choose to optimize from within those tools.

v1.2 – 25 October 2016

This release bring a more impactful sound taking advantage of rare boutique equipment we recently acquired in our labs.

  • Remastered through rare analog audio processors to add mass.
  • Processed the attack of all impact sounds to be faster, therefore deliver more impact.

v1.2 – 17 November 2015

Maintenance release.

  • Based on customer feedback, corrected 3 noise loops to sound better when looping on mobile speakers.

v1.1 – 20 September 2013

Maintenance release.

  • Filenames change for intuitive organization.
Backward compatibility
  • Some filenames have been changed, so if you re-import into your projects, check for inconsistencies or broken links.

v1.0 – 10 October 2011

Initial release


*Information in this article refer to releases through our store. Specifications and other details may vary on releases done through a 3rd party platform.