A collection of mechanical sound effects, with hydraulics, servomotors, buzzers, clicks, and other sounds of machinery action.

Mechanical Components

Contents: We recorded, synthesized, edited, and composed a total of 501 finalized sound effects. The package size is approx. 726 MB, with the material running for approx. 42 mins.

Channels: Sound effects come in monophonic files, or if there is useful spatial information, in stereophonic files.

Format: Pristine, highly optimized and lossless WAV files of 96 KHz / 24 bit resolution.

*Specifications may vary when purchased from 3rd party stores, due to 3rd party platform restrictions. To ensure the highest quality, we suggest buying directly from our store.

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Games, Films, Mixed Reality and Beyond

Our experts recommend using this collection for

  • industrial & machinery
  • sci-fi
  • robotics & hi-tech
  • mechanical puzzles
  • chain reaction
  • contraptions
  • space exploration


Based on content inspiration and product use

  • sfx
  • sound-effect
  • foley
  • diegetic
  • component
  • technology
  • tech
  • mechanical
  • machinery
  • industrial
  • equipment
  • hydraulic
  • servo
  • servomotor
  • buzzer
  • motor
  • steam
  • burst
  • movement
  • mono
  • stereo
  • hi-res
  • one-shot


Make a difference with the sound of your project!

Procedural content design

Our sound effects are created with a procedural design philosophy. For each sound, you get many variations into separate optimally trimmed files, meanwhile consistent alignment of enveloping makes syncing with other events a breeze, allowing for audiovisual compositions that behave naturally.

As “dry” as possible

Content is created, processed and delivered as “dry” as possible. By reducing the reflections we create cleaner sound, easier to incorporate within any virtual environment and process with artificial reverberation and spatialization systems.

Loudness normalization

We normalize our sounds based on how humans perceive loudness, enabling subtractive mixing methodologies. To achieve that even with the shortest sound duration, we developed a proprietary loudness normalization algorithm. Achieve a perfect mix, we got your back.

Intuitive file organization

Easy to find, easy to use, in timelines or code. Get files named by the primary, secondary and tertiary design elements. Different types and variations of each type, numbered logically and consistently. All organized in no more than 3 level folder structures.

Aesthetic elegance

Our high quality production pipeline utilizes pure signal paths, crystal clear generators, thoroughly designed recording techniques, and hi-end digital signal processing. Above all, we believe in the power of knowledge and aesthetic elegance.


We finalize each sound effect to be compatible with many classic and cutting-edge playback scenarios. For games, film, mixed reality and beyond. Through mobile, embedded, living-room, theater and installations. Work fast with quality results, on any platform.

Backed by industry veterans

SoundFellas is a team of industry veterans, with professional activity in the fields of computer science, sound design, game audio, music production, filmmaking and games development since 1994. Scientific methodology and cutting-edge engineering is at the core of our design and production process. With a combined human experience of more than 100 years, we provide assets, tools and services with one mission, to empower creators with quality audio solutions, designed to elevate the audio of any project into an awesome experience.


SoundFellas audio assets come as industry-standard wave files (.wav). This ensures the best compatibility when importing and using our assets in your production. Here are some of the media development environments that work with our audio assets.
Final Cut
DaVinvi Resolve
Media Composer
After Effects
Vegas Pro
Logic Pro
Pro Tools