Hype your players with a groovy style that no one can resist.

Groovy Beats

With themes ranging from house to pop, and from latin to fun and dub, your audience will definitely feel the beat.

Use this amazing game music collection, featuring 4 discrete states for each track (full, simple, win and lose), to smack some proper sense of rhythm into your players and elevate your game through the power of music.

See what you get, check out the content list.

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Everything you need to create immersive music experiences, in any form, from stereo to surround and from mobile to VR/AR and beyond.
Perfectly and consistently reflect your game's genre, using music created from professional game composers and performers, with decades of experience.
Use music composed with high quality sound sources, produced with cutting edge, industry standard samples and musical instruments.
Easily repeat music with perfectly looping files, edited in optimized duration.
Deliver consistent experiences in any platform, with audio mastered to sound perfect in any playback scenario. From commercial to proprietary and from handhelds to stadiums.


  • Stereo, binaural and 7.1 surround editions
  • 4 discreet different states (Full, Lite, Win & Lose) of dynamic music
  • Pristine high fidelity files of 96KHz/24bit lossless PCM wave format
  • Approximately¬†50 mins of original material
  • Content organized for easy implementation
  • Files named logically and consistently
Files with 3 Editions and 4 States

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