An excellent free bundle of awesome sound effects, ambience sets and music loops, that spark creativity. All files are optimized and mastered for multi-platform playback, ready for interactive or linear media, from films and games to mixed reality and beyond.

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Completely Free

Optimized for All Platforms

Perfect for Games, Film, VR and Beyond

This megapack contains bits from all the sound libraries of SoundFellas
Use it for free in your projects, download and start creating with great sound right away
Below you will find all the demo videos, from the original libraries that this megapack includes some sounds
If you need a professional solution, you can check out our Totality Megapack


Use crystal-clear sound effects to design impressive audio experiences. Ready for games, interactive audio, sampling, film, animation, and beyond.


Create infinite variations of dynamic sonic environments, combining loops and isolated elements that render in any speaker configuration.


Use professionally produced music tracks to enhance the story of your project. easily interchange them, to effectively alternate between moods.


Grant lifelike interactions and create amazing experiences, surrounding your audience with the AAA sounds your project needs to stand out.

Channel Configurations

Our libraries are provided in Mono, Stereo, 3D Rendered Binaural and 3D Rendered Quad Surround.

Immersive Media

Our sounds are deconstructed in such a way that allow the creator to build any virtual environment and dynamic content, with lifelike transitions between locations, height and states. Perfect for games, 360 videos and VR.

Modular Philosophy

Our sounds are easy to import and customize in game engines, video editors, programming environments and any other linear or non-linear use.

We master for an abundance of playback scenarios, from small embedded devices to the latest mixed reality platforms. Our finalization philosophy supports all current and future devices based on research from the audio design industry, and we optimize for economy of system resources and perfect user experience.

We utilize a scientific level of detail and ultra clean sound generators. Our carefully selected recording workflows and legendary boutique hardware, complement perfectly our state of the art software and cutting edge smart format conversions.

We create sounds for specialized workflows of interactive sound design. The content is produced from the ground up, in the most modular form possible, with logical hierarchies and organization, in order to support high interactivity that matches non-linear scenarios and dynamically changing systems.

AtherTech™ is a unique approach on immersive game sound. A proprietary technology workflow, that uses audio forensic science tools and research from the psychology of sound, to process environmental ambient and music libraries and create content that supports any interactive and procedural design.


Make a difference with the sound of your project!

Immersive auralization

All environments are included in stereo, binaural stereo, and quad surround versions, and can be used in any type of physical or virtualized rendering. From mono and stereo, to binaural, surround, full periphonic or spherical reproduction.

Procedural content design

Our content is created and delivered with a procedural design philosophy. Apart from the ambient loops, you also get isolated sounds and extracted noise loops, so you can create dynamic and interactive soundscapes that behave naturally.


AetherTech™ is a proprietary audio process, that removes the strong localization information of the sound cues that demand coordination effort. The result is immersive sound which allows you to craft any 3D experience with precision.

Loudness normalization

Create better mixes fast, with ambient loops that are normalized to preserve each environment’s natural aesthetics, and isolated elements which are psychoacoustically normalized, allowing subtractive mixing rather than adding gain.

As “dry” as possible

Content is created, processed and delivered as “dry” as possible. By reducing the reflections we create cleaner sound, easier to incorporate within any virtual environment and process with artificial reverberation and spatialization systems.


Our sounds are mastered to be compatible with many classic and cutting-edge playback scenarios. For games, film, mixed reality and beyond. Through mobile, embedded, living-room, theater and installations. Work fast with quality results, on any platform.

Backed by industry veterans

SoundFellas is a team of industry veterans, with professional activity in the fields of computer science, sound design, game audio, music production, filmmaking and games development since 1994. Scientific methodology and cutting-edge engineering is at the core of our design and production process. With a combined human experience of more than 100 years, we provide assets, tools and services with one mission, to empower creators with quality audio solutions, designed to elevate the audio of any project into an awesome experience.


SoundFellas audio assets come as industry-standard wave files (.wav). This ensures the best compatibility when importing and using our assets in your production. Here are some of the media development environments that work with our audio assets.
Final Cut
DaVinvi Resolve
Media Composer
After Effects
Vegas Pro
Logic Pro
Pro Tools