Give your futuristic, dystopian or contemporary game that heavy industry feel.

Factory – Heat and Pressure

Create heavy and noisy atmospheres for your games, loaded with an assortment of angry sounding, big and heavy machines.

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Everything you need to create immersive experiences through sound, in any form, from stereo to surround and from mobile to VR/AR and beyond.
Use the extracted tonal elements, to create the perfect procedural and never repeating ambient sound.
Create natural environments with the extracted noise print files and save space while retaining character.
Easily repeat sound with perfectly looping files, edited in optimized duration.
Grant the perfect sense in your game, with sounds that retains natural dynamics.
Deliver consistent experiences in any platform, with audio mastered to sound perfect in any playback scenario. From commercial to proprietary and from handhelds to stadiums.


  • Pristine highly optimized files of 44.1KHz/16bit lossless PCM wave format
  • Approximately 46 mins of original material
  • Stereo, binaural and 7.1 surround editions
  • Extracted elements to make your own procedural immersive audio solutions
  • Content organized for easy implementation
  • Files named logically and consistently
Files with 3 Editions and 2 Extraction Types
Extracted Tonal Elements
Extracted Noise Loops

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