Create the perfect sonic textures for your games and films.


Use our uniquely deconstructed material, to create environments with full control and infinite variations. Edit complete audio sets instantly and produce ambient textures and multi-channel audio that will be directly handled in your media renderer or game engine.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Formats

We capture using spherical techniques and focused points of interest in high quality formats. Then we produce highly immersive soundscapes using a proprietary 360° periphonic pipeline.

Rendering is done in standard stereo, discreet 7.1 surround (optimized for games and film), enhanced binaural stereo that offers spherical sound through headphones and also noiseprints and isolated elements, so you can customize your own soundscapes.

Isolated Elements

Isolated Elements

Listen to an example of the original ambience:
Listen to one of the isolated elements:

Create procedural playlists of randomized variations, using isolated elements to eliminate sound repetition, or quickly compose your own custom soundscape.


Noiseprints Cleanup

Listen to an example of the original ambience:
Listen to the cleaned noiseprint of the same ambience:

Layer seamless ambient tones that coherently complement your environments. Use them alone as roomtones, or creatively together with vocoders, distortion and other effects to add your own signature.


Give a smooth and intuitive experience to your players, without distracting them with unnecessary location-based feedback.


All material loops smoothly to ensure fast implementation in your projects.

Seamless Looping


Support for fast implementation in all major game engines, game audio middleware, video editing and compositing tools and digital audio workstations.



Industry standard file formats that are organized to easily drag and drop in post production timelines, interactive audio pipelines, virtual instrument editors and any creative workflow.



Use separate noiseprints and isolated elements to create huge environments with small footprint on the player's platform.



Manipulate your acoustic environment's distance, occlusion and behaviors according to events, changes in weather or other phenomena of your virtual world, environment or civilization.