Release Notes

v3.0 – 03 December 2018

This release brings compatibility with the latest developments in audio for virtual and augmented reality, offering a better experience for the audience but also features content formats that enables easy creation of detailed aural user experiences.

From virtual reality to augmented reality and beyond, loudness and content is re-mastered to comply with the latest development standards for future-proof compatibility and ease of use in production environments.


This release also includes re-organized content to support the indie and small-business creators with smaller modular libraries and friendlier prices.

If you are updating from a previous library version, then make a backup of the old one, as it may include a different set and number of files than this version. A good practice is to always make a backup copy of your assets and work or update a working copy and not your backup.

New features
  • All ambient loops are processed with our proprietary audio process, AetherTech™. This process removes the strong localization information of the sound cues that demand coordination effort. The result is immersive sound which allows you to craft any 3D experience with precision.
  • As we are moving towards a completely modular design that supports contemporary production pipelines and standards, content is processed and delivered as “dry” as possible. By reducing the reflections we create cleaner sound, easier to incorporate within any virtual environment and process with artificial reverberation and spatialization systems. This release includes a great percentage of the content through this processing, but as this is a tedious process, we are planning to achieve total delivery of this feature with future versions.
  • Extra sounds are isolated from the main ambient loops and offered separately to be used in procedural playback or synced with specific visuals and events, for better control of the localization and density of the soundscape.
  • Extracted noise print loops are included with each environment. This can be used with the included isolated sounds to create dynamic and ever-changing environments, that can be controlled with detail and deliver precise experiences according to storytelling, perfect audiovisual sync and morphing soundscapes that can change with distance, real-time parameters and parameter’s automation, or other kind of procedural control.
  • Re-mastered according to our latest research findings for perceived loudness measurements, allowing for true subtractive mixing no matter the platform and playback scenario.
  • Frequency response is better now, due to advancements in resolution converting algorithms. We re-mastered the tracks again, to take advantage of the technological evolution.
  • The surround versions of the tracks are now offered on 4.0 (quad surround) instead of the older 7.1 channel configurations. The reason for that is that 4 channels of proper mixed content can be used with the same impact as a 6.0, which is the real configuration that music assets of 7.1 format is delivered. The sub channel (.1) in the setups of most final users, is getting a feed from all the content and plays back the correct sub-bass frequencies and the center speaker is reserved for the dialog only. A quad surround version can be easily expanded to fill any number of satellite speakers with routing copies of the signal, or expanding the panorama of the track when mixing in your non-linear editor or from within the game engine. That way your projects can support any type of surround and there are no extra channels that take up space and memory and not really offering much. Read our blog for details on the matter of optimization and experience delivery. Long story short, using our music assets and with little planning and effort, a creator can support any speaker configuration in his/her project.
Backward compatibility
  • Filenames changed to reflect new library editions, so if you re-import the assets to old projects, check for broken links and similar inconsistencies.
  • Sounds number and the content of the package is changed from the previews version, so backup your old copy before updating to this one.

v2.0 – 17 September 2016

This release features the re-mixing and remastering of all files to offer better compatibility with industry standard formats.

  • Together with the default stereo version, now there are 2 more included versions of all the tracks:
    1. Binaural stereo mastered from a re-mixed surround version of the tracks, and can be used to give a full surround experience in users with headphones.
    2. A 7.1 surround version, with the center (dialog) speaker off, to include in surround productions.
  • Removed game specific optimized formats as game engines have now updated importers and users can choose to optimize from within those tools.

v1.0 – 12 November 2015

Initial release


*Information in this article refer to releases through our store. Specifications and other details may vary on releases done through a 3rd party platform.