PanozK Libraries Rebranding

By February 15, 2015News

As of today, we offer all the libraries from Panagiotis “PanozK” Kouvelis Audio Development Team. The libraries that were available for the past 3 years through the PanozK Site Store and various other channels such as the Unity Asset Store, are now rebranded, repackaged and offered under our label.

For PanozK old customers, below you can find some information on how the new SoundFellas products relate to the old PanozK products, in order to be able to compare and make the right choices when purchasing and also to avoid purchasing products you might already have from the old PanozK Store.

Regarding the PanozK “Retro SFX Reloaded” Collection

PanozK Product Rebranding - Retro SFX Reloaded

The Retro SFX Reloaded, shown below, is the same as the old one with the black cover, plus 3 different emulations of the same content, in order to provide diversity on the aesthetic of the retro sound that can be achieved. The new library features all the content rendered 3 more times through emulated circuits of various gaming playback scenarios: An Arcade Cabinet from a Coin-Op, a Handheld Console speaker of a known type and the Onboard Speaker of an old desktop gaming computer used around 1985. So, the newly packaged library is even more Reloaded!


Regarding the PanozK “Get The Funk Out” Collection

PanozK Product Rebranding - Get The Funk Out

The old “Get The Funk Out” music collection from PanozK, is now separated into 2 new products, the “Get The Funk Out” music collection, named after the original name of the collection and the “Groovy Beats” music collection. So if you already own the PanozK “Get The Funk Out” collection, there is no need to purchase the new “Get The Funk Out” and “Groovy Beats” collections from our store.


Regarding the PanozK “Sounds Of Nebula” Collection

PanozK Product Rebranding - Sounds Of Nebula

The old “Sounds Of Nebula” music collection from PanozK, is now separated into 2 new products, the “Celestial Beats” music collection and the “Sounds Of Nebulae” music collection, named after the original name of the collection. So if you already own the PanozK “Sounds Of Nebula” collection, there is no need to purchase the new “Celestial Beats” and “Sounds Of Nebulae” collections from our store.


Regarding the PanozK “Dark Nightmares” Collection

Product Rebranding - Dark Nightmares

The old “Dark Nightmares” music collection from PanozK, is separated into two products. The first one boasts all the electronic elements of the old library from PanozK and its called “Drawn From The Shadows”, the second collection is currently under production and will be featured soon on our store. So if you already own the “Dark Nightmares” music collection from PanozK, you don’t have to purchase the “Drawn From The Shadows” music collection.


Regarding the PanozK “Tao” Collections Bundle

Also, if you purchased the PanozK “Tao” collections bundle, which includes all the aforementioned PanozK products, you already have the content mentioned on this article.

Have in mind that the “Retro SFX Reloaded” collection is not only rebranded but also had 3 new emulated styles for the same sounds, so in essence its an upgraded version of the old product. Unfortunately there is no upgrade path as our current contract considers this a new product. If you like to have the 3 new emulated folders of content for your projects you have to purchase the new “Retro SFX Reloaded” collection.

General Information

If you have trouble recognizing the old collections or you have any question regarding the products of PanozK that we are offering here under a re-packaged form, don’t be shy, contact our customer support and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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About Panagiotis Kouvelis

Panagiotis Kouvelis is the Founder and Managing Director of MediaFlake Ltd and its subsidiary Professional Immersive Audio Division of SoundFellas. Panagiotis has made a career as a Project Manager in Digital Entertainment Media and as an Instructional Designer and Entrepreneur in the Interactive Entertainment Industry. Panagiotis is also specialized at Sound Design for Games and holds of degree of Audio Engineering. Find him at: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website