Download and Archive

Here are a few fundamental steps to help you safely download and archive your product(s).

  1. Look for the download links on the email send to you, on the same address that you registered when purchasing from our store. Click on them to start downloading your product(s).
  2. The products come on an industry standard compressed file format (.zip) for convenience and to secure the data from corruption. Use a de-compression utility to unpack the contents on a temporary place in your hard drive. Make sure you have enough disc space for the operation. There are many utilities that you can use to unzip the files, we suggest the free and open-source 7-Zip.
  3. After the unpack process ends, check out the newly created folder to see if everything seems OK. All contents should be under a folder with the name of the product. Play back some sounds, with your favorite audio player, to listen to your fresh and shinny sound assets.
  4. Now make a copy of the folder where you keep all your production assets. The contents of this folder should never be used directly for production. You should make it a standard practice to always copy only the files that you want to use in a project, to the project’s directory. That way, you always keep this folder intact and with the original files.
  5. You should also make another copy for safety, to a backup storage device. That way if anything happens, you can always get your products again to the original state. This storage device should be different form the one you are working on and it’s a good idea to also be an external unit from your main computer enclosure. That way you ensure safety if anything happens near your computer. For example an alien EMP attack or a fun day with water-guns with your teammates.

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