The Team

Who We Are

SoundFellas is a team of highly experienced professionals from the Creative Industries specialized on Immersive Audio Technologies for Game Development and Advanced Audio Engineering for Post Production Applications.

What We Do

Our focus is on Next-Gen Game Audio & Film Sound Content, Tools and Technologies, our scientific background is based on Psychoacoustics and Computer Science and we have access to High-End Sound Laboratories and Equipment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Awesome Content, Cutting Edge Tools and Legendary Services that will make your project and your business stand out. We strive to develop a sustainable and progressive environment based on solid professional ethics and code of conduct that promotes a permaculture of the creative industries.

Our Nature

Always on the side of great game experiences, scientific yet artistic, curious by nature, we are looking forward for our next adventure!


Timeless Design

By following the universal principles for timeless design and applying them in our work, we achieve results that have staying power and are not created to be temporary or subjective to trends. Traditional values combined with balance and order, provide exceptional timeless results, that you can find in our product and we can achieve with our services.

Object Oriented Sound Design

We use a new approach on designing sound, supported with proprietary workflows, that ensure that each collection or project we undertake will have consistency with the main idea. Furthermore, we use a completely non-destructive pipeline to provide agile iteration cycles throughout the production.

Research Based Cross-Platform Mastering

Our mastering methods are based on proven research and industry standards. That way we are able to provide the ever-changing field of creative industries with content, tools and services that support long-term development within the demanding and pressurised production environment of today.

Stay True

We never compromise our principles and we always deliver the best of the best!